::The Great Handbag De-clutter 2011::

::The Great Handbag De-clutter 2011::

According to some random article I read yesterday (and can no longer find), the average weight of a woman’s bag has dropped from 7lbs to 4lb in the last few years.

I beg to differ.

Shall we take a little look at my bag?

First let us plonk it on the scales. 9lb?! I weighed less than that when I was born.

I’ll empty it out. What no bricks?

If You are nosy and want to see what all of this stuff is have a look here, I’ve added notes.

No bricks but a hell of a lot of junk (and this is after I cleared out the receipts, tissues, leaking pens and other straight to bin items.)

Whilst packing up the old house to move to the new Thrifty Towers I decluttered like a woman possessed, flinging, recycling and ebaying in every room. I am however, finding it very hard to declutter my day-to-day bag. What if I’m caught out in the middle of a meeting without both a hanky or a tissue? What if I finish my current book and need something else to read? And obviously, dur, what happens if I fancy a game of marbles? Sigh. I think I’m safe to lose the marbles eh? They can go and find their marble siblings that I obviously lost from my head a long time ago.

Whilst out for a coffee with a friends we laughed at the amount of of stuff we drag around with us.
Tea cups, Lorraine? Check. Multiplug, Thrifty? Check. Nappies despite child aged 5 having been fully potty trained for two years, Aoife? Check.

Let the bag declutter commence.

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Criteria for keeping –
1. Things I use everyday
2. Items needed in case of a genuine emergency

Everything else comes out and goes back where it belongs/gets thrown away/sold.

Now in my bag?

  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Camera
  • Phone
  • Notebook, pen and pencil
  • Small makeup case containing – lip balm, mascara, mirror, clips, hairband, tissues.
  • 1 book

It’s almost spring , it’s a great time to fling out the old crap and stop heaving it around with you. Care to join in? Imagine how much your back will thank you. Think of it this way, if you’re too lazy to go on a diet to lose weight it can easily be done by decluttering your handbag. Let me know how you get on ladies.