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The Case for Puppy School


A good puppy school can help you and your pet get off to a great start. Puppy schools are a great way to train your dog, and also give you the chance to get to know your pet outside of the house. Puppy schools are a safe place where you can watch your dog interact with other dogs and environments. You also get a glimpse into their personalities. You can do all of this knowing that your dog is being trained by an experienced trainer.

Puppy school is a short-term option that allows dogs and their owners to socialize safely and to learn basic training techniques. A good puppy school will place more emphasis on the education and training of the dog than the owner. In a short time, there is only so much a person can teach a puppy. We can teach the owner how to help their dog succeed.

Dog owners who are educated about training and behaviour will have fewer problems later on with their dogs. Dogs’ emotional and mental state can play a major role in unwanted behavior. It is important to focus on the mental and physical health of your dog.

Puppy school in perth can provide a wonderful emotional support in a joyful, but sometimes overwhelming time. Owners can feel empowered by knowing that they are not alone and that others are experiencing similar problems.

Puppy school is not for all dogs. Some dogs feel scared and overwhelmed in groups, while others are hyper-aroused. They are not necessarily inherently bad. They would be most successful in a smaller group or one-on-one setting.

How to Select a Good Puppy School

When choosing the right puppy school for your dog, it’s worth taking your time. While a good program will set you up for success, a poorly managed school can prove to be detrimental at this critical stage in your pet’s development. These are some key points to remember when looking for puppy schools.

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How Big is the Puppy School Class?

We recommend that there be no more than four to five puppies per class. It is a good idea to have a trainer with the puppies. It should be like a classroom. Everyone needs to concentrate. Too many people can quickly make the environment too stimulating and cause hyperarousal in the dogs. Too many participants can mean that the dogs won’t have the chance to make new friends and expand their learning.

Is your trainer able to distinguish between socialising and habituation?

Your dog’s brain is like a sponge between the ages three and fifteen weeks. This is called the socialisation period. It’s when your dog learns about the world and who lives there.

Habituation is about getting them to adapt to new environments and creating positive associations. Socialising is about learning how to interact with different animals and people in a socially acceptable way.

A “social dog”, however, is not just friendly to all they meet. They can read and respond to other animals. Sometimes, this means that they don’t run up to another animal and get in their faces.

Dog schools that allow dogs to play all day are not necessarily training them to be social. It’s just teaching them how to have fun and not teaching them how to relax in a group setting.

Does your trainer understand and use positive reinforcement?

Dog training is not about correcting undesirable behaviours. It’s about communicating with your dog and rewarding them for their good behavior. Good trainers will teach you how to communicate with your dog so that they can understand what you are trying to achieve.

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