The Best Suit Hangers of 2019 Reviewed

The Best Suit Hangers of 2019 Reviewed

The year on the horizon – 2020 – is already coming in to focus. Obviously, a new year calls for assessing the past one as much planning ahead and feverishly jotting down new year’s resolutions.

Perhaps your new year’s resolution includes getting your closet in order? Depending on your situation, this proposition could be manageable or truly Herculean.

No matter, if you want to get more organized for 2020, you should definitely keep reading through this guide to the best hangers of 2019.

JS Multifunctional Hanger

The JS multifunctional hanger is constructed entirely from solid wood and has a nice mahogany finish. Butterscotch and walnut finishes are also available, and each of these three finishes (mahogany, butterscotch, and walnut) comes in at the same price point.

The flat body design of all of these hangers are designed to keep your finer clothes in tip-top shape – free of wrinkles and organized. The non-slip notches on the JS multifunctional hanger affords you the opportunity to seamlessly hang shoulder straps without worrying about slipping and your clothes getting crumpled.

Chrome 360-degree rotating hooks make it easy to store and organize your clothes as you see fit.

More degrees of freedom make it that much easier to store all kinds of garments and easily steam them when needed. The JS multifunctional hanger is aptly named because it comes with a pants bar, which is heavy duty enough to handle your slacks and/or a few ties.

Zober High-grade Hanger

The Zober high-grade, wide-shoulder hanger comes in three attractive finishes: cherry wood, natural wood, and vintage wood. Although they go by different names, these finishes are basically the mahogany, butterscotch, and walnut finishes that you’re used to finding in premier, solid wood hangers.

The first aspect of the Zober hanger that raises eyebrows, and perhaps a few concerns with folks not familiar with this particular design, is the fact that this hanger is tapered towards the zinc-plated hook. In other words, the further out from the hook that you go, the more support for your garments.

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The idea behind this design is giving your pants, slacks, and trousers that much more support while they wait to get the bullpen call from the manager. On the aesthetics side, the Zober wide-shoulder hanger shouldn’t lose its fastball since it comes with lacquered wood and a five-year limited warranty against product defects and similar quality-control issues.

Goldcart Deluxe Wooden Coat Hanger

The Goldcart deluxe wooden coat hanger has a more traditional design that the Zober but still allows you to get full coverage for your suits thanks to a fairly generous wide-shoulder design.

The polished solid wood design with the Goldcart will give you luxury quality as well.
How about longevity? Goldcart deluxe wooden coat hangers are polished so that they look fresher longer and don’t splinter. Some hangers, even luxury hangers, can splinter or break apart and damage the sensitive inner lining of your suit coats if you’re not careful!

Fortunately, the Goldcart deluxe wooden coat hanger comes with a stronger, chrome alloy hook that will deliver a tenacious hold in your closet. The swivel design to the hook allows similar degrees of freedom as the luxury hangers above, and this feature allows you to hang up your finer clothes in different orientations.

Butler Luxury Wooden Hanger

When something works well, there’s no reason to search high and low. Butler Luxury hangers are an elegant case in point as you’ll find solid wood suit hangers in two distinct finishes – dark matte walnut espresso and deep butterscotch (a refreshing take on an old favorite).

The four different sizes (suit sizes 36-37, 38-42, 43-46, and 47 and up) really distinguish these suit hangers from others on the market today.

Grade-A Beachwood also distinguishes the Butler Luxury wooden hangers from the competition. Wide shoulders and a single piece of solid wood make these the only suit hangers that you’ll ever need. Butler Luxury offers men’s coat, shirt, suit, and trouser hangers and women’s coat, suit, and skirt hangers in addition to gift cards and gift packages. Cheers to an organized year ahead!

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