The best of cheap Christmas decorations 2012

The best of cheap Christmas decorations 2012

Thrifty Christmas decorations feel right at home here at Thrifty Towers because that is all we’ve ever had. We moved in together in 2005 with only our student pots, pans and books and come that December we were newly engaged with a teeny tiny £2.50 Christmas tree and a cluster of charity shop baubles. From there we’ve gone on to add Christmas-y bits and bobs each year however we needed to buy more than usual this year because some of our lovely goodies (but thankfully not memories) were destroyed in our garage earlier in the year.

So I set about finding some sweet little festive decorations and trimmings on a very lean budget. I popped out to the cheap and cheerful shops near to Thrifty Towers where I found some lovely things on a very low budget. If you can’t view the embedded version of this video then hop on over to my channel and watch it there. You can also subscribe for free meaning you’ll be notified whenever I upload a new video. Here are just a few of the things I found (more in the video) with the cheapest item at 14p and the most expensive at just £4 – – Red & white bell wreath, WILKO, £1.50
Perfect little jingle bells to adorn a door handle

.  – Wooden stag, WILKO, £1
I have somewhat of a problem when it comes to stuffing my home with deer and this chap can head up the herd with festive splendour.

– Wooden nativity scene, WILKO, £2.50
I’ve been looking for a sweet nativity scene for ages but all the ones I’ve liked have come in at the £100+ price tag which is unsuitable for me. This had a little LED light in it which lights it up at night.

– 25 mini silver baubles, POUNDLAND, £1
Teeny, tiny baubles to fill glasses, scatter on shelves and generally go overboard with.

– 36 Candy canes, POUNDLAND, £1

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– Silver crackers, POUNDLAND, £1
8 in a packet and the perfect size to fit on our tiny dining room table, especially when stuffed with serving dishes. These come with reindeer and ivy patterns in silver and white.

– Door wreath, POUNDLAND, £1
On their own these wreathes could look a bit sparse but team it up with another and secure with ribbon and you could have a beautiful wreath for little money or effort.

– Disco baubles, B&M, £1.99
Look how cool these are! Perfect for adding to a gift tag for really special wrapping.

– Red tin, POUND WORLD, £1
I still can’t believe this tin was only £1. I’m already seeing it stuffed with Christmas biscuits or peppermint creams for guests to nibble on. I think it looks much more expensive that then £1 I parted with for it.

– 6 Silver reindeer, POUND WORLD, £1

I’m going to attach these to my wall and give the front reindeer a red nose because that’s the way I roll.

– Crochet robin red breast, THE PIGEON’S NEST, £4
This tiny little robin is by fellow blogger Shiny Pigeon. He stands up all on his own and his red breast is heart shaped, I’m not sure he could be cuter if he tried

Don’t be scared by the piles of tat in the cheap shops. More often than not, if you wade through the crud you’ll find a diamond in the rough just waiting for you to pluck it out and take it home. Also be sure to check out your local charity shops because we’ve been very lucky to find huge bags full of vintage goodies for very little money whatsoever. Take a peek at the work of handmade craftspeople, their prices are far more reasonable than you can imagine and they have a really alternative, personal take on things.

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