The Best Cheap Leggings

The Best Cheap Leggings

Hey non-legging wearers, stop with the eye rolls they’re not wanted here.

Hey legging wearers, exciting news! I’ve found some brilliant, hard wearing, non baggy-of-knee, non saggy of arse or indeed see-through of bottom leggings at a really reasonable price – call the angels, they need to sing. These leggings are cracking value, pet.

Finding an amazing pair of leggings deserves a public service announcement purely because they’re such a useful item to have to hand. I wear them in place of tights with boots or wellies, under dresses and with long tops all the time. Now we have a dog who likes 3 walks a day, no matter what the weather I find leggings really handy for creating layers on cold and windy days and I have leggings in heavy rotation because they’re always getting covered in muddy paw prints, so it is important to find really good quality leggings at a great price. Where are these mystery leggings from? Sainsbury’s! I grabbed a 2 pack in my local store and I’ve since gone back to buy other colours. They are £10 for a pack of 2 and come in a range of useful colours (some packs are even mix and match colours) like navy, black and brown.


They’re made of great thick material.

Retention of shape is second to none both during each wear and after washing.

They don’t bunch or gape at the ankle.

No see-through bottom region – hurrah!

The colour stays true when washed.

No saggy crotch or knees.

The waist band is comfortable and made of good thick elastic not the kind that bunches up easily.

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No bobbles.


They’re quite long and although I’m above average height they’re even a little long for me.

Sainsbury’s don’t sell their clothes online which is a constant source of woe.

Of all the leggings I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried nearly every pair available under £20, these are the best.

Oh leggings, you’re just so damn handy. Share your bargain legging tip offs please!