The Best 7 Designer Wedding Rings In 2020

Designer wedding rings in 2020 can be categorized into classic or trending modern style. Even if you have a moderate budget you can buy the most unique designs as well as something classic. The most used materials you will find the wedding rings in are platinum, diamond, moissanite, sterling silver, and white gold, yellow gold, 18K rose gold, palladium, and rhodium. Each of these metals has compared shine and seam. Choose the best one that suits your taste, skin color, the shape of your finger, and most importantly the one that expresses your unique personality. Also, for the diamond, check the 4 c’s in it: cut, color, clarity, and carat. You can find couples’ rings for your partner or for yourself.

Best Engagement Rings

Do a little bit of research and dig deep into your emotions about the marriage. The rings are stylish, elegant, and classic. These will surely going to elevate your life partner’s mood. Here we will present you the top designer wedding rings in 2020:

1. Three-Stone Solitaire

If you love bling you can up the style and glamour of your wedding ring with three-stone rings. This type of ring has two smaller or similar-sized stones attached on both sides of the big center stone.

2. Stacked Rings

In this style, the classic ring is paired with sparkling bands or with white gold or rose gold bands. The second band looks gorgeous regardless of the shape whether it is accented, chevron, or crescent.

3. Elongated Stone Rings

Elongated cut lab-grown diamond rings are an ideal cut for many brides. The elongated stones can be emeralds, hybrid step-cuts of the diamond, and cushion diamonds.

4. Yellow Gold Rings

Yellow gold has been in the spotlight this year. Its warm yellow tone perfectly pairs with the classic style rings and it has been a favorite choice of men for a wedding ring.

5. Twisted White Gold Diamond Rings And Bands

The twisted white gold ring with small diamonds in the center is edgy and fashionable for most brides and grooms. The twisted gold and diamond band looks elegant and dainty on the finger.

6. Rose Gold Wedding Rings

The rose gold is the most heartwarming and unique tone. The rose gold stacked, three-stone or cluster wedding rings are some of the great ring designs with romantic vibes. The white and rose gold combination wedding rings are also a popular trend.

7. Vintage Rings

People have been keener on having rings with history. The antique wedding rings are attracting brides with their color, clarity, and uniqueness. The variety ranges from emerald rings with diamond halo, stunning Russian diamond and sapphire ring with the most pleasing designs, to mid-century rings with elongated stones and royal cluster rings.


While looking for a wedding ring, it will be best if you go through multiple designers and select a ring of your favorite style. Do a lot of window shopping and find the perfect pair for you and your partner.

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