The Accordian Skirt

The Accordian Skirt

*Skirt £1.95 Tu for Sainsbury’s via British Heart Foundation *Top £3 George at Asda sale *Sandals £5 Clothing at Tesco sale *Necklace £7 George at Asda *Leggings £9 Marks and Spencer

I’d fancied an accordian skirt, a pleated skirt to you and me, the whole way through spring but I couldn’t find one that was just right or in my price bracket (as close to free as possible) despite searching high and low. I’d seen them on celebrities, seen them on bloggers, seen them all over Lookbook and even seen them worn and then made over by uber fashion blogger, Jen. I damn well wanted one.

I’d all but given hope until I visited a charity shop in York and found this baby hanging in what I can only describe as ‘Dowdy Corner’. I almost shunned Dowdy Corner because lemon C&A mother-of-the-bride suits from 1984 don’t do it for me, but as you know I find it hard to leave a charity shop without searching every square inch. And there it was, nestled inbetween a paisley patterned pair of peddle pushers and a collar-less, mid thigh length blazer.

Priced at £1.95 and still bearing the shop price tag (Tu for Sainsbury’s) of £20 marked down to £6, I got myself the skirt I wanted and as close to free as I could get.

Have you found any must have fashion items at a low price this summer?

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