That Housekeeping Post

That Housekeeping Post

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Good morning and welcome on in the new week! I hope you had a restful weekend and things are bright and positive with you on this fresh and light Monday morning. Here at Thrifty Towers a planned relaxed weekend turned into a fun packed and busy few days with friends so I’m easing into the week slowly with a day off work and a trip to the vets with Jarvis. What did you get up to this weekend?

Here are my tasks for the week, as always these tasks are designed to be quick, easy and sit nicely on top of any daily cleaning schedule or may not have.

Monday – Pair any socks which are missing their partner.
Tuesday – Do a quick stock check in your bathroom. How many shampoos do you have in your stash?
Wednesday – Spend 10 minutes organising your paper work. – I’ll have a post related to this topic up on this coming Wednesday.
Thursday – Remove any junk from your handbag
Friday – Wipe down the outside of your fridge, pay attention to the handles and grooves.
Saturday – Got a pet? Wash their bedding – add vinegar and 2 drops of rosemary oil to the rinse cycle via the fabric conditioner slot.
Sunday – Sort out your meal plan for the week.

Save the above photo to your desktop to help you keep on top of your schedule this week.

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