High-Tech Home: 5 Ways Technology Is Transforming the Kitchen

High-Tech Home: 5 Ways Technology Is Transforming the Kitchen

Our ancestors always managed to cook delicious meals for large families with very few modern-day conveniences. The majority of their meal components were made from scratch, and they had to combat many problems like inconsistent heat from fires and extended cook times. 

It’s clear to see that the quality of our food and cookware have stepped up to an even more sophisticated level in recent years due to some incredible technological advancements. This technology has allowed us to experience some of the following benefits: 

Easier Clean-Up

Before the 1950s, no one had any idea what nonstick cookware was, and nonstick induction cookware was a far-off reality. Our grandparents and great-grandparents just had to cook a meal and hope they could remove it from the pan without it sticking to the bottom. Often, they then had to spend a significant amount of time after dinner trying to scrape leftover food from the bottoms of their favorite dishes. 

However, that all changed with the invention of nonstick technology and induction cookware. Now, even the stickiest marinade is no match for the smooth, slippery coating of our modern-day frypans and dishes. 

Faster Cook Times

Cooking used to be an all-day event in the 1800s. Women would rise early to make a start on the day’s meals, and every component had to be cooked from scratch. Without ovens or electricity, the majority of hot meals were prepared on the hearths of brick fireplaces. 

Fortunately, those days are behind us. We now have ovens, microwaves, high-quality cookware, and pre-made meals, making meal preparation a fast and easy task. Women are also no longer tied to the kitchen for hours on end, freeing up their time to join the workforce. 

More Consistent Cooking

There are few things as frustrating as cooking something that’s burnt on the outside and raw in the middle. While skills can play an integral part in the outcome of any meal, so can technology. 

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The cookware we use and the appliances we rely on are integral to the evenness of the cooking process. We’ve come a long way from surrounding Dutch ovens in coal and ash on a hearth to ensure even cooking. Now, we have access to ovens that allow even heat, induction cookware, air fryers, microwaves, and much more. 

More Creativity

There’s no denying that some people still don’t consider themselves master chefs in the kitchen and can cook little more than eggs on toast or instant noodles. However, there’s certainly far more creativity in cooking with the help of technology. 

Rather than thumbing through the pages of an old recipe book, we can tell search engines which ingredients we have in our kitchen and find recipes to use them. What’s more, if we’re having trouble with a particular cooking technique, we can watch tutorials online to ensure we’re following the directions to the letter. 

Remote Control

With thousands of kitchen fires every year, it’s crucial never to leave your cooking unattended – even for a moment. Thankfully, the latest in appliance technology has allowed us to perform some kitchen tasks without leaving the sofa. 

For example, some appliances let you see how much cooking time you have left and turn them on and off via an app. 

Our ancestors did an excellent job of putting food on the table with what they had, but technology has come a long way. We can now achieve so much more in a shorter amount of time, and it shows in the exceptional quality of the meals we produce.