Technic Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review

Technic Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review

Remember back in the summer when I told you I picked up a few budget friendly make up items from Technic? Well I’ve been giving them a bit of a whirl over the past few months and here is the first of my reviews. First up is the Nudes palette which I snagged for £1.49.


The NUDES palette contains 6 shades ranging from a light champagne through to a dark grey/charcoal shade. All of the shades are definite shimmers but without huge, annoying chunks of glitter. The main downside with this product is that it is damn hard to open. The first time I tried to prize the lid and base apart it took me well over five minutes of grappling and whilst it has loosened a little, I still find it a hassle to pop open whenever I’ve tried to use it subsequently.

The quality of these eyeshadows is far superior to anything I had expected to get at this price point and whilst all the shades don’t feel like silk or wear seamlessly for hours, they do apply well and there is relatively little fall out of product even with the darkest of shades. The lightest two shades are a tad on the chalky side but do blend well with a fluffy brush but the stand out shades in this pallet for me are the middle two rosy-gold shades and the dark grey shade to add a fantastic smokey look. The other shades aren’t without their merit, the bronze for instance looks fantastic as a single sweep of colour with my blue eyes and it plays out well under the eye for a little added pop but the three shades I mentioned above truly are exceptional. They are have a good amount of pigmentation, they apply beautifully and blend easily without need for fuss or clean up – which let us face it, is always a factor in the application of cheap eye shadows.

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