Super Summer Style Sales!

Super Summer Style Sales!

So summer is sticking around huh? That wasn’t something I expected and my wardrobe is sadly lacking in anything remotely summery or cooling and I’m really starting to feel it. Here are some of the summer sales clothes Alice (my assistant) and I are considering to get us through the sweltering heat.

1.Yellow cut out pleated dress was £20 now £10
2. Chiffon peplum top was £18 now £4
3. Silhouette smoother swim suit was £42 now £24
4. Pow print t-shirt was £18 now £10.50
5. Black floral shift dress was £55 now £35
6. Butterflies strappy dress was £50 now £30
7. Rattan wedges were £65 now £14.99
8. Orange and pink heels were £44.99 now £29.99
9. Floral shorts were £29.95 now £24.95
10. Yellow print dress was £25 now £15
11. Polka dot bikini bottom was £4 now £2
12. Contrast maxi dress was £30 now £12

Have you bought anything deliciously cooling in the sales? Spotted any good bargains or worth while discount codes, share them in the comments below so we can all save some cash together. The photos are taken from the linked website and are not the property of A Thrifty Mrs.

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