Stinking Carpets? Deodorise Them Easily Now!

Stinking Carpets? Deodorise Them Easily Now!

Did your dog just pee on your carpet? Or your little one pooped on it? Well, we understand the unbearable carpet smell that’s suffocating you in the house. Lots of talcum powder dusted on it and even bottles of air fresheners couldn’t do the magic of removing that odour from your house. Stinking carpet can be such a nuisance! 

No matter how careful you are in dealing with your daily tasks, or you may be taking extreme pains to be careful while eating, but things get spilled on carpets — and the odour remains for months. It’s very crucial to eradicate this smell from your carpets in order to make your home stay smelling good, and the ambience to remain pleasant.

Choose the Best Steps to Deodorise Your Carpets Thoroughly!

There are lots of ‘tried and tested’ home remedies and even products launched in the market that guarantee to make your carpets fresh and fragranced in minutes. But we don’t know how many of them do really perform what they promise! But below, we have listed some ways which do work in eradication of the foul smell and leave your carpet fresh like new! 

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning — When you sniff that unbearable smell each time you sit near your carpet, the best thing you could do is pass on the headache to the experts! Opt for professional carpet cleaning in Warwick by Carpet Cleaning for Perth. Professional carpet cleaners have the expertise and know-how to clean and sanitise your carpet thoroughly leaving no signs of any odour or dirt.
  • Baking Soda Spray — This is another tried and tested hack, but very reliable. The more baking soda you spray on your carpet, the better results you can find on eradication of the smell. A vacuum cleaning session after this is needed to get the best results for your hard work. But you’ll have to keep the fans and windows off while you spray, and this procedure demands a lot of time and effort too.
  • Vinegar Vodka Theory — There are also vinegar and vodka which are very effective in removing the bad odour from your carpets! But this again needs a lot of vinegar and vodka, and you’ll have to go for cleaning of carpets and drying the same after this procedure gets over — otherwise the carpets would feel sticky.
  • Using Carpet Deodorisers — Renowned companies do keep launching new and advanced carpet deodorisers. These are the ones including baking soda and there are also others available in various different fragrances too. You can pick your favourite flavour and use it on your carpets. But again, the result may be temporary, and not long lasting.
  • Sun and Dry Method — There’s again this natural method using the sunlight which has been proven effective in clearing the bad odour from carpets. It’s entirely upon you to wash the area or not, but you need to expose the carpet in clear sunlight for around 4-6 hours to remove the foul smell.
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A smelly carpet isn’t anybody’s favourite! You obviously try your best and at the earnest to get rid of the stench. These above methods are all that could actually work. You may try the one that seems best and easiest to you!