Staying Social in Retirement Can Be Easy

Retirement can sometimes get lonely. You stop going to the office and talking with coworkers. You might even miss the small talk about the weather and weekend plans at the water cooler. Your adult friends can drift away, losing touch over time. Your children get busy with their own work, schooling, and families. You might be wondering how you can stay social at this time. 

Socializing is Important for Your Health 

Socializing regularly reduces your stress levels, eases anxieties, and lowers your risk of developing depression symptoms. Good conversations and company lower your cortisol levels and boost your oxytocin and dopamine levels. In plain-speak, connecting makes you feel calmer and happier. 

It affects your physical health, too. Having a socially active life is linked to lower blood pressure, better cognition, and a strong immune system. Talking to a friend could be just what the doctor ordered. 

But how do you get more socially active?  

Find a Community

Your living space might be a problem. Maybe you live on your own. Maybe you don’t get along with your neighbours. Maybe you feel like you’re isolated from the world. In that case, you may want to take a look at retirement homes and senior living facilities that have a strong sense of community. Moving into a beautiful senior home will give you lots of opportunities to socialize with group activities and special events. Even if you live in a suite by yourself, you’ll know that you can leave the room and find some good company.  

Loneliness can be a location problem. Moving to the right place could completely change your life. 

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Learn New Things

One of the easiest ways to socialize is to sign up for a class or workshop to learn something new. Have you always wanted to test out your baking skills? Have you always wished that you knew how to dance?Are you secretly interested in woodworking? Don’t be shy. Join a class. You can learn a skill with a group of like-minded people. It’s a perfect way to make new friends.

If that’s not enough motivation, learning new things leads to cognitive growth — that means better short-term memory, multi-tasking and problem-solving abilities. Keep your mind sharp and socialize at the same time.

Go Online

If social distancing is getting in the way of your social life, you don’t have to worry too much. There are lots of ways that you can close that distance with the help of technology. Use video calling applications to catch up with your old friends or to talk to your family. Share photos and personal updates with your loved ones on social media. And if you’re looking to do something more exciting, there are plenty of apps and websites that let you host virtual game nights and movie marathons. All you need is a computer and working WiFi to get connected.

Getting connected feels harder than it is. When you take these steps and break out of your shell, you’ll find that your schedule is completely booked with get-togethers, club meetups and calls that you can’t miss.