St Bees Beach

St Bees Beach

When we went to the lake district we asked the hotel receptionist for lovely, free places to visit and he recommended St.Bees. Neither of us had a heard of this small seaside village so we decided to check it out straight away. A small village just south of Whitehaven, St.Bees didn’t take long for us to reach. It was hot (really hot for northern England), so we drove the country lanes with the windows down, sunglasses clamped to our faces and a playlist blaring out of of Spotify. We pulled up to the car park at about 4pm, hit up the ice cream van for a wee spot o’ Mr Whippy and trundled down the short hill to the sea.

St. Bees Beach

Ah peace. This place is beautiful and squeaky clean too! A pebble beach at first but the tide soon goes out a good way and leaves you with soft, clean sand. We didn’t actually go into to the village itself but by all accounts it is very nice, we just walked up and down the beach and paddled about a bit. I wish we’d done a little research into the area because Mr Thrifty is a keen bird watcher and St.Bees Head is home to a huge seabird colony including puffins and Black Guillemots. Obviously being scared of birds I’d have stayed far, far away but he’d have loved an hour or so peeking in on them with his binoculars. St Bees Head is not only the most westerly point in northern England but it is also the only cliff face you’ll encounter between Wales and Scotland and they’re of great interest. The cliffs are formed of layer upon layer of St Bees sandstone and shale which according to the husband part of my marriage and the inter web, is interesting. My geology knowledge stops at ‘oh look, a rock’ but the surroundings were certainly beautiful to encounter and I’d be keen to explore further around the head and caves.

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We returned the next evening after stopping in Whitehaven to pick up fish and chips. I didn’t bring my camera that time, sometimes it’s nice to be an off duty blogger and just experience something through your eyes rather than the lens (that said I did take a wee Instagram video which you can see below – the video makes it look cold but it was actually 27c – according to our car – at 8pm which isn’t too shabby for Cumbria!) We sat and scoffed our chips, only interrupted by a family who were v disappointed we hadn’t picked up our chips locally because they wanted some too, and looked out to sea. It was clearer this night and we could see across to the Isle of Man, so we sat for a while and ate and chatted and ate some more and chatted a wee bit more before running across those pebbles, removing our trainers and paddling in the sea. We must have stayed on that beach for hours because even though it was nearing the longest day as we returned back to the hotel the sun was starting to set.