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Spring Cleaning in 5 Steps


Today is a sunny day, and that means spring cleaning is in your thoughts. Are you a spring cleaner who has tried spring cleaning in five steps? This may seem daunting to you, so you started reading. This is how I do it every single year, and it works!

You are correct, however, that five steps is not enough to accomplish everything. You must complete step two before you can begin step 1. It is the easiest. Plan. Plan. It is difficult to stick to a plan and accomplish your goals. It’s good news, because you only need to make a cup of tea or coffee and then sit down with a piece of paper and a pen. My house is divided into upstairs and downstairs. Next, I list the days that I have to clean. To me, I prefer to do one step per day to complete a week. My time is limited by the demands of life, kids, and cooking. I can only dedicate 2 hours per day to my family.

Don’t stress!! Relax and enjoy your cup of coffee. Make a list of the rooms that need attention. Mark each line. It is so satisfying to look back at what you have accomplished. My kitchen is filled with junk, dry goods pantry, and windows that are often overlooked. My living room needs extra attention. I notice that the floors, mirrors, and frames in my living room need to be cleaned. The hallway and stairs need to be vacuumed thoroughly. The bathrooms should be scrubbed from top to bottom. Bedrooms need to be cleaned and reorganized. Now that I have my checklist, it is time to move onto step 1.

  • Step One: De-clutter Kitchen and Bathrooms

Every room is filled with clutter that appears out of nowhere. My kitchen is where I organize and collect all the clutter. You will need a large basket or tote to hold all the items that are going to be in other rooms. This step can be the most time-consuming. I have one basket that holds items upstairs, and another for basement items. It’s also very rewarding, as there may be “hot spots” that collect miscellaneous items.

My Kitchen receives a thorough cleaning. The stove top, microwave and refrigerator are all cleaned out. The kitchen cupboard that won’t close, the junk drawer and any other areas that need attention should be reorganized. This step is a great way to instantly change the look of things. You can stack your cans in an orderly manner and double-check your expiration dates while you are moving them!

I scrub my bathrooms and make sure they are clean. I wash my rugs and change the shower liners. Next, I clean the mirrors and tile floors. Make sure to check off the bathrooms in your list. They are clean and spotless.

  • Second Step: Reorganize Closets
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Once your bathrooms and kitchen are complete, you can now move on to the hallway closet. This is a long process, and each step is crucial. It is there even though you close the door and nobody sees it. Donate any items that you don’t need and label any boxes or baskets. Remember to include the ottoman that opens, TV cabinets and medicine cabinet. These are great things to check off.

  • Third: Bedrooms

My kids’ bedrooms are where I ask them for help. We spend about an hour sorting through clothes and toys. We donate what they don’t use and make sure their clothes are not too big. A spring-clean bedroom starts with clean sheets. I also help to change their bed sheets and go through their closet. I also check their closets to see if they have any summer clothes that will fit.

I then change my bed and add it into a laundry basket. Next, I check my dresser drawers twice and organize my clothes. Next, I go to my walk-in closet and organize any clothes in the correct place. I make sure that nothing is under the bed and put any laundry that I find in the pile. We are now halfway through!

  • Fourth: Floors and Dust.

This step should be done on a sunny day. I open all of my windows, grab my duster, and dust everything around the house!

After dusting, I clean the windows. After spring cleaning London the outside and inside of my patio doors, screen doors and bay windows, the spring sun can shine through them. Each bedroom window upstairs is cleaned only from the inside. Let’s face the truth, I don’t want to risk my life to rent scaffolding to clean windows on the second floor.

All furniture is moved and my floors are vacuumed. The hardwood floors in my living room are hard wood so I use the steam mop to clean the corners and baseboards. After vacuuming the floors, I go up the stairs and run the vacuum in the hallway, under the beds and along the walls. My arms are burning after about an hour.

  • Fiveth Step: Laundry and finishing touches

Now you are almost done! It’s now time to turn on your washer and finish the finishing touches. I load a load, and if there is anything I have missed, it’s time to fix it. I switch loads, then fold and put away all the linens and clothes. Once everything is organized, there’s a place for it all in the closets and dressers.

Now I have a clean home. A cup of coffee is the best way to start a good day. I then make another cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy the next ten minute while my house is clean.

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