Spring Clean Bargains

Spring Clean Bargains

I’m about ready to get my yearly spring clean under way but my supplies are in need of restocking and rejigging. Fear not, anything past it’s best from the kitchen etc. has been boiled up and sanitised and is now ready for Mr Thrifty’s bike cleaning kit or for garden and allotment uses. If I buy something new I like to make sure I’m creating as little waste as possible in regards the old stuff.

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1. Eco washing machine balls

We use these in most washes because they’re easy, convenient and seem to last ages. We’ve had our last set for 2 years (longer than usual I have to say) and they’re just starting to show wear and tear now. We’ve saved a huge amount of money on washing powder (although I do make my own mix for larger loads, delicates and Mr Thrifty’s dirty sports kit) over the years through using these.

2. Bicarbonate of Soda 2kg

Bicarb seems to be at the foundation of every cleaning recipe we use here at Thrifty Towers so we tend to stock up once of twice a year. This particular seller sells from 75g up to 15kg at bargain prices – I highly recommend them.

3.  Extendable feather duster

There is no point spring cleaning if you’re not going to get into every nook and cranny. I like to use an extendable duster but my friend managed to step on mine and crack the handle so it has gone to feather duster heaven.

4. Rubber ducky washing up brush

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Some people may say ‘it isn’t a bargain unless you need it’ well I need a rubber ducky washing up brush, need. If something silly makes me smile and actually do the dishes rather than allow them build up until I have a row with my husband about washing up – then so be it.

5. Bees wax polish

Perfect for taking care of wood and leather. We use this for various pieces throughout our house, it lasts ages and is essential if you love vintage furniture like we do.

6. Microfibre cloths

Some microfibre cloths are great, some are dire. I use the pink version of these for the kitchen, blue for the loo, (pink for the sink, blue for the loo was a household mantra which never escaped my mind) green for the bathroom and yellow for dusting elsewhere. They wash and dry in no time, they don’t have fibres dropping off them and really clean things well. For most other cleaning I use old socks and t-shirts.