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Having some guidelines in advance when getting a snake bite pierced is always helpful.

You don’t need to do anything extra before you arrive at your appointment. There is nothing you should do to prepare for oral hygiene. While you’re in the shop, our piercer will allow you to rinse your mouth. The marking of your piercings will take the longest time during your appointment. It is important to ensure that your piercings are evenly placed on both sides of your mouth. You can then relax and sit straight. Although a piercing can hurt, the pain is not permanent. Some people find it very painless, while others feel a lot. It would be best if you took care of the piercing once it has been done. It is normal to feel some swelling and sensitivity in this area. You will soon be rocking your piercings. Rinse your mouth daily and follow the instructions of your piercer.

What is a snake bite?

This piercing can be used by anyone who wishes to express their seductive side.

Two lip piercings are required for a snake bite, one on each side of the lower lips and one on the right. This is called a snake bite procedure because it mimics the snake’s teeth. They are too far apart to be able to imitate snake teeth. We prefer to call this a paired lips piercing. This piercing will involve placing a small bar on either side of your lower lips. The flat disc is on the inside, and the small stone or ball is on the outside of the mouth.

It is important not to mix a snake bite and a snake eye. A snake eye piercing places a horizontal piercing through the tongue. We do not perform this procedure as it can cause damage to the tongue muscles.

What is the snake bite piercing healing procedure?

A lip should heal quickly. Although the piercing may appear a bit swollen, it will disappear quickly. You can return to the shop after two weeks to get a shorter bar.

We recommend that you avoid spicy and hot foods and warm drinks, as well as soft drinks, the day of your procedure. After eating, drinking or smoking, rinse your mouth with water. We recommend that you avoid using makeup or any other skincare products near your new piercing for the next few days.

Neilmend spray, which you can purchase at our shop, can be used on the outside of your body piercings to make it more clean and safe. You can also use an alcohol-free mouthwash (also available in our shop). You should avoid using any alcohol- or oil-based products around your piercings during healing. All that said, it’s important to listen to your body. It is normal to feel some discomfort or sensitive. If you feel any pain, it is not a good sign.

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What is the likelihood of me getting an infection from my snake bite piercings?

If you place something in your piercing that isn’t supposed to be there (e.g., make-up, dirt, or hair), it can cause inflammation. Your piercing can also become infected if you use low-quality jewelry. An infection can be identified by the presence of green pus, redness, and swelling. An infection can lead to severe pain. You can feel your heartbeat inside the wound.

There is a huge difference between an irritation and an infection. A foreign object in your skin may cause some irritation. This is normal. An infection can be much more severe. If you suspect you may have an infection, you can use eye ointment to treat it. The ointment has a small amount of antibiotics to calm the infection.

It is important to follow any aftercare instructions given by your piercer to prevent irritation or infection. Our piercers are all members of the APP, an association of professional piercers. They only use high-quality jewellery. Come by the shop if you have any questions. If the infection is severe, we will refer you to a physician.

Are you able to have your teeth damaged by snake bite piercings?

This is a difficult question. If you aren’t careful with your piercing, your teeth won’t crack. To make your mouth as comfortable as possible, we use a labret that has a flat metal disc at the end. We recommend that you rinse your mouth regularly and not touch your piercings to prevent any dermal problems. This is the spirit!

What is the cost of snake bite piercings?

Inksane offers a paired lips piercing, also known as a snake bite or piercing. It costs EUR35 per piece and includes a jewel and aftercare. Prices for the jewels start at EUR15 per piece.

What is the best place to buy snake bite jewellery for your lips? offers piercings. We also offer jewellery. You can buy jewellery made from titanium implant grade if you prefer to purchase your jewellery from a different store. Avoid surgical steel (which is simply inox, and will oxidise), and silver. Inksane uses only implant-grade titanium, 14K Gold or Noibium at its piercing studio. It is important to know the size of your jewel in order to buy a fitting piercing. A lip is typically pierced at 1.2mm.

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