Smart Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Add Utility To Your Kitchen

Smart Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Add Utility To Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the areas of high traffic in your household. Kitchen is expected to cover all the storage related to kitchen and sometimes even extra unrelated stuff. A kitchen renovation can bring about drastic changes to your kitchen for adding the utility to your kitchen. Here are some ideas that you can go through before planning to renovate your kitchen. 

  1. New countertops

To enhance the look of your kitchen you can install marble on countertops. This gives a classy and glossy finish to your kitchen and will look different from normal kitchen spaces. They are available in different varieties and is aesthetically pleasing. But there is a small concern on aging, where some owners prefer to stay with the slightly faded old marble. If you want to avoid this, you can polish the marble. If you are obsessed with something that adds class to your kitchen, marble is the best option.

  1. Lighting

One of the important things about the kitchen is the lighting. The lighting needs proper planning. Kitchen renovations in Auckland and similar areas focus on cost-effective and smart lighting solutions. You can mix and match different areas and depending on fixtures at different spots in the kitchen. If you get pendant lights above the island area, this can add to the elegance of your kitchen. Use LED lights as they are eco-friendly and at the same time cost-effective. The electricity that it consumes is also less. There are countless kitchen lighting ideas. You can even install a chandelier or the new track lights are also used. 

  1. Contrasting cabinets

If you are planning to install marble countertops, you can also consider the idea of contrasting cabinets. With the new honed finish, you can get a better finish than the normal polished ones. There are matte finishes available, if you like to add some color to your kitchen, you can even go for solid blue or red or any color of your choice. You can also add white oak cabinets for a rich and classy finish to your kitchen. You can install exotic colors with a plain white setting on the seams. If you switch to granite, it is less affected by water damage. 

  1. Open shelves
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Open shelving used to be frowned upon years back, but now many are experimenting with open shelves. This can elegantly showcase your beautiful cutlery and teacups that can add a bit of organized and well-designed kitchen look. This also increases the largeness of space. If planned properly, you can have very attractive open shelves. Be sure to stick to a single color tone and use up the edges of the cabinet areas. You can also install lighting in these shelves for a more dramatic look. 

  1. New luxury appliances

When you renovate, keep some money away for new luxury appliances. Old appliances can drain your money by not working smoothly or by using more electricity. You can check with local appliance stores for improved and more efficient appliances. Upgrade your appliances to make your work in the kitchen easier every day. New appliances can even increase the value of your property if you are not planning to stay for a long time after the renovation. It is good to update them every few years and make a more stylish kitchen. 

  1. Paint and other updates

While painting you can also replace hardware that is worn out or old. The walls of the kitchen regularly undergo a lot of spilling, smoke, water and sometimes oil which is why it should be repainted even if you are not repainting the rest of your house. Remember to choose colors with an extraordinary visual impact. You can either hire professionals or DIY for a more cost-effective renovation. You will have control over your ideas if you completely plan on DIY and might make you a creative and strong. There are satin or semi-gloss material with which the new materials are being polished. It can hide all the imperfections associated with the walls.