Slow Cooker Bargains

Slow Cooker Bargains

Don’t put those slow cookers away just because summer and warm(ish) weather have rolled round, there are still plenty of ways to use a slow cooker during the summer months. Perhaps I should share some summer slow cooker recipes during the summer months, what say ye?

If You Don’t Already Have a Slow Cooker Now is the Time to Grab One Because There Are Lots of Discounts in the Summer Sales.

1. 6.5l Crock-Pot and utensils was £48.99 now £32.89

2. 1.5l Andrew James with ceramic liner was £24.99 now £12.99

3. 3.5l Crock-Pot was £24.50 now £20.00

4. 1.5l Everyday Value slow cooker only £10.00

5. 3l slow cooker only £15.00

6. 6l slow cooker was £33.40 now £20.59

7. 3.5l slow cooker only £11.99

We have this one which we love, love, love because of the removable searing pot and how simple it is to clean but my friend has number 5, which she thinks is totally amazing and the price point seems pretty good to me. I’ve heard some really good things about number 4 on social media, so if you only need a small pot size then this could be a real option for you, especially because it comes in at only £10.Please share your recommendations or disappointments below, sharing helps people out and hopefully saves them money!

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