Six Tips To Reinvent The Boring Look Of Your Carport

Six Tips To Reinvent The Boring Look Of Your Carport

Who said carports had to look a certain way- by which we mean bad and boring? Carports can prove to be a rewarding investment for your home and especially when they complement the entire decor of your house. 

From upgrading the exterior look of your property to sheltering your cars from extreme weathers, carports can leave you with plenty of time and money to be invested in other home improvements. Are you looking for easy and affordable carport beautification tips which won’t hurt your bank but make your home the talk of the neighbourhood? Follow the post below to grab some of the best tips!

  • Keep it rustic

For the times when you can’t think of anything exciting and unique, go with your safest option- rustic! A popular home decor scheme, rustic has never been out of the limelight. Moreover, since the final results are highly attractive, you can be sure that it’s your safest bet. Think rock pillars laced with timber in stylish ways to complete the look. When keeping it rustic, you can build your carport in front of the main entrance instead of sticking it to the side.

  • Modern never goes wrong

Well, for the times when you are feeling artistic and stylish, a modern porte-cochere will fit the bill for you beautifully. They look sophisticated and add an alluring appeal to the exteriors of your home. You can choose from a range of materials and accents to combine them to create a look which will keep your neighbours wanting for more. Talking about accents and shades, remember- bold is the new beautiful!

  • Multiple carport design

Who said that a carport could only house one vehicle? If you have more than one car at your disposal, then ask your architect to design a multiple carport structure depending on the number of vehicles you own. Keep the space available in mind as well to curate a design which blends well with the overall look of your home. From industrial and rustic to stone and classic, pick a theme which complements your vehicles and decor scheme for a fashionable new addition to the property.

  • Carport with storage
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Do you know what’s better than a carport? A carport with storage! Many people shifted from garages to carports because they can get the best of both worlds without burning a big hole in their pockets. With the use of high-quality carport side panels, you can store your garden and BBQ equipment along with car utilities in the additional storage room and keep it under lock for ease of use. You can incorporate this idea in the multiple carport design as well.  

  • The aesthetic archways

If your windows don beautiful archways, then your carports can be designed to suit well in the aesthetic with ease. Archway carports have been around for a while and have gained significant popularity for blending beautifully with the exterior appeal, making it look like a single unit. 

  • The unique styles

If something out-of-the-box yet cost-effective is on the table for carport construction or patio roof extensions, two ideas might hit your chord. Solar panel carports not only help you make use of renewable energy but save big bucks on electricity bills too. Another way to attract eyeballs to your carport is by converting a storage container into a functional carport. 

Carports are affordable and low-maintenance, making them a sound pick for small homes too. Rethink your idea of installing a garage and go for a carport instead, and use the tips mentioned above for popping up its look.