Show Off Your Christmas Selection in Style With Wholesale Wooden Hangers

Show Off Your Christmas Selection in Style With Wholesale Wooden Hangers

The festive season is finally here! It is a great time to swap gifts and spend time with family. While this might sound hectic (especially if you don’t know what gift to buy) it is a great time for store owners who want to ramp up their sales.

If you are a boutique owner looking for a way to tap into this increased spending trend, you must ensure that your merchandise is visible and presentable at all times. You need hangers and mannequins that create the perfect visual impression at a glance – hence increasing the chances of your walk-in visitors converting into customers.

Hangers will always be a great choice, especially if you want to make every foot of your store count without making the place feel cluttered or overcrowded. Here are the top reasons why you should consider high quality wooden hangers to display your merchandise.

Natural Profiling of Attire

Unlike thin wire hangers, wooden hangers can be modified to be as filling or bulky as necessary to give your suits, jackets, or dresses the bulk they need to give a perfect impression of how they will be on a human body.

They do this without occupying as much space as a mannequin will hence making it easier for you to display more of your store without sacrificing walking space.

Add a Touch of Class

Well-made wood accessories always exude an irresistible warmth and style that most people associate with class. Since wood comes in different shades or can be stained into different finishes, you can custom order your hangers to fit the theme each garment in your store wants to communicate.

This subtle presentation cue goes a long way into drawing people in and convincing connoisseurs that they are buying quality items from a store that pays attention to details.

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Keep Clothes on Display Longer

Wooden hangers are more stiff and durable than plastic or wire hangers. They will keep their shape – even under the weight of a designer suit or after constant inspection from customers. This means that your display clothes won’t stretch or lose shape as the hanger succumbs to the constant tear and wear.

Wooden hangers don’t make shirts or blouses stretch around the neck area. All your customers will get perfectly fitting garments that are true to the dimensions described in the tags – even display items!

Enjoy Product Longevity

The robustness in well-made wooden hangers means that you can reuse them year after year, regardless of the garments you hang on them. A well-designed wooden hanger will hold a winter coat and other heavy garments without buckling for months.

This is good news, bearing in mind that most of the hangers in your store will be in constant use for months on end. The less the time you spend replacing bent hangers, the more time you have to seal new deals and make your store more appealing during the holiday season.

Don’t wait – purchase the right wooden hangers for your store. You can make a bulk order from Butler Hanger’s wholesale wooden hangers sale. At we take your specifications and turn them into stunning wooden hangers that not only stand the test of time, but also add a touch of class to your store’s interior décor.