Should You Ditch Christmas Traditions To Save Money

Should You Ditch Christmas Traditions To Save Money

Christmas cards, a big fat goose, outdoor lights, crackers, Brussels sprouts, photo sessions with the family, dozens of cocktails parties – which of these (national, international or family) traditions really mean something to you and which are traditions you take part in purely for the sake of conforming to tradition? If a tradition means nothing but stress and money, then why are you continuing to carry on with the tradition? Think about it – if you hate liver and onions, you wouldn’t eat it on a nominated day every year just for the sake of tradition would you? Sit down and have a little think about which traditions really mean something to you and your family and which are costing you nothing but stress and money. Which traditions contain real memories for you and which are just for show – which are you doing just to be seen to do them? Do you hate Christmas pudding or dislike door wreaths? Why are you spending money on them then? If it’s just for tradition then make it your new tradition to stop doing things you hate because society, your family or Father Christmas says you should.Should you ditch Christmas traditions to save money, what do you think?

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