Should I Get Plastic Surgery While Working From Home?

Should I Get Plastic Surgery While Working From Home?

The COVID-19 lockdown has forced millions of people to start working from home. In fact, roughly 42% of the entire American workforce now works remotely.

Interestingly enough, there have also been reports that plastic surgery clinics across the country have seen a 60% increase during the COVID crisis.

Are these two things related? They are actually. 

Thousands of people are using this time as an opportunity to get the plastic surgery they have always wanted, or to address new signs of aging.

Save Your Vacation Days

Let’s say you’re thinking about a nose job. When you’re first considering the surgery, you will always ask things like, “How long is the recovery time and how much time will I have to book off?” You want to know how many of your valuable vacation days you will have to use to recover from this surgery.

The current work-from-home-world is actually giving a lot of people the chance to hold onto those vacation days, while discretely recovering from home. You could reasonably get a surgery on a Friday, rest up over the weekend, and be ready to resume light sedentary work on the Monday—without having to go into the office.

You can save your vacation time for an actual vacation.

The Zoom Effect

On the subject of working from home, the plastic surgery industry is also seeing a mini-boom right now because of daily Zoom calls.

We probably don’t have to tell you how difficult it can be to find a flattering angle and good lighting for video calls, particularly first thing in the morning. If you find yourself looking at your image on these video calls and worrying about how you look,you’re far from alone.

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Millions of other people are staring at that tiny window too. If you’ve never loved the size or shape of your nose, these calls serve as a really unwelcome reminder of that fact.

Meanwhile, other people are finding new insecurities, as they start noticing the signs of aging showing up on these calls. They’re really starting to notice frown lines appearing on their forehead, while they become suddenly aware that one of their eyelids is starting to sag.

Stress Eating and the Quarantine 15

Remote workers aren’t just looking into facial surgeries.

Millions of people have put on extra weight during the lockdown. The problem has grown so widespread that the phenomenon has been dubbed The Quarantine 15. As funny as the name may be, it’s no laughing matter for many.

If you have gained weight during the lockdown, it can be a tremendous blow to your self-esteem. You feel less attractive and your closet may now be full of clothes that no longer fit you properly. And with no public gyms, you may feel powerless to do anything about it.

This has sent thousands of people to plastic surgery clinics to get a body contouring procedure to help them regain their pre-COVID form.

So, if you’re wondering if this is the ideal time for you to get a plastic surgery, the answer could be yes. But don’t wait too long to reach out to a clinic. Many are booking a few months in advance right now.