Short Guide: How To Identify Your Home Decor Style?

Short Guide: How To Identify Your Home Decor Style?

Many of us love to flip through the pages of interior designing and enjoy the exclusively designed houses thoroughly. But, when our turn comes to decorate our homes – we become utterly clueless! Our home reflects our unique personality. It should feel comfortable and also reflect our lifestyle. We know its’ easier said than done. But, let us start taking one point at a time, and we will surely get the perfect home that we so often see on the magazines, blogs, and websites.

Start with a Pinterest board

How often have you browsed through the multitude of images available on Pinterest? It feels great, very inspiring, and intriguing.

But, how many time have you taken stock of the images that have interested you? Have you ever bothered saving them somewhere? 

If you haven’t – start doing it. Saving the images, you admire in one place is invaluable. Allot a board specifically for your interior designing and use it for gathering all the photos that you feel speak to you. 

Then, start reviewing them on and off to remind you of all the things that you are drawn to.

Buy an “anchor” design object 

Find out one such object which you simply love. It can be something as simple as centerpiece bowl, lampshade, a photo frame, or a small piece of any furniture. 

That particular item will act as your design anchor.

The toughest job for most of us is not to know where to start – the anchor object will act your guiding star. And help you to style the rest of your room. You already have something you dearly hold close to your heart. So, when you refer back to it, exploring other ideas for your home becomes more effortless.

Give some life to your Pinterest board

You already have collected a few or many pictures on Pinterest board; now it’s time to create a real-life mood board. It helps you to get a more accurate look at the design you love. 

It might sound to be very simple to collate and pin inspiration onto, but a corkboard helps to a great extent in getting the perfect canvas. It can be anything – starting from your Pinterest pics to a cut out from any magazine, or a picture from a blog, or it can also be a postcard or a row of ribbon. 

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As you continue with the task of collecting items and adding them to your mood board, you will slowly start seeing your style evolving.

Start designing a small area in your house

In spite of creating a mood board, and getting the anchor object, you still might feel challenged when it comes to designing the entire home. So, start small.

Find a small space in your home – your workplace, end table, the dresser in your bedroom, or a low shelf. Now buy a few new objects like a vase, embellished bowl, or collate some of your favorites like your family photo or any artwork. It can be anything that amuses your fancy. Arrange them carefully and live with them for a week or two to find out if they have long-term appeal on you. 

Once you start liking your work of designing, you will start feeling more confident and can spread your designing style across the entire home.   

Visit Property styling in Brisbane

You can either visit some of the property styling houses in your locality or look out for the charity shows that they participate in.  Many designers participate in show houses, and often, the incomes from these shows go to charity. 

In these shows, the designers showcase their work; they utilize the opportunity to design a room. And these reflect the most contemporary styles and the trends that they are currently implementing. 

These shows are very motivating, and you get to see a real-life example of styling if they help you to understand what you would like to see in your home.

Along with it, you can also take flower arranging classes. Flowers are an inspiration in every sphere of designing. Adding the different types, shapes, and textures to your home can give a different feel to it.