September Magazine Freebies: October Issues

September Magazine Freebies: October Issues

This month started with a series of long train journeys, which resulted in a couple of magazine purchases. Naturally this has meant checking out the “magazine freebies” to see what’s best.


Here’s what’s on offer this month:

Gift: Free L’Occitane shampoo and conditioner set worth £10 (mini sized) – additional freebies inside include Free Mini Manicure (pg 142), Free Cut and Finish (pg 108) and a sachet of lotion. I opted for the InStyle to keep me company on my recent trip to London mainly because of the price and gift. I’ve only used the shampoo and conditioner set once and whilst the shampoo seemed inoffensive the conditioner was really, really lovely. I’ll look forward to stashing it in my wash bag next time I go away. As always these “freebies” aren’t totally free but often there are bargains to be had. This month isn’t a bumper freebie month, however if you’re a nail polish addict you can’t go wrong in opting for a delicious shade on the front cover of several of these magazines this month.

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