Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Volume Shampoo Review

Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Volume Shampoo Review

Bought in a bind from Poundland (for you’ve guessed it – £1), when I forgot to take my shampoo on a trip, I have been incredibly surprised by this budget volumising Shampoo.

What the Packaging Says:

Be warned this packaging has a lot of pretty full-on claims!
” – Repair & Volume 0% Silicone
– With Sea-Collagen

Ultimate Volume Shampoo Repair & Volume without weighing down. For fine, flat, damaged hair. The Repair-Innovation with Liquid Keratin. The new formula specifically targets and repairs damaged areas on the surface and deep inside the hair.

Proven Results:

– Visible, long-lasting volume
– 0% silicone: No weighing down.”

What I Say:

My hair is individually fine but I have a heck of a lot of it, as a result it can become easily weighed down and instantly tangles. I’m constantly seeking volume because my hair can look a bit limp and tired, so I do abuse it with the hair dryer and it is a bit fried and damaged. When we stayed with friends at the end of last year I forgot my shampoo and picked up a bottle of Schwarkopf Gliss Ulitmate Volume Shampoo in Poundland on a whim. I was sceptical with regard the volumising claims however I was seriously interested in a product with 0% silicones retailing at such a low price point.I’m now on my second bottle of this shampoo (I wash my hair with this twice a week and the other two washes are with Timotei Pure which I reviewed here) and it’s love! Now I’m not going to claim this gives me huge boosted hair but it does give me badly needed volume at the root. I can now allow my hair to air dry which I rarely did in the past because my hair would be flat against my scalp and my hair retains some of the volume on the second day, which as far as I’m concerned is magic.

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The clear shampoo (which has a clean scent) lathers up fairly quickly but feels almost thick and gloopy rather than suddsy and it can take a little longer to wash clear from my hair than other shampoos but once I do my hair feels clean but not tangled. It’s that old hair care cliche but my hair definitely feels more manageable, softer and just a tad more bouncy. Allowing my hair to air dry has it with an acceptable amount of volume but blow drying makes it shiny, smooth and healthy….for me. I have accepted that volume and swishy Kate Middleton hair will never be the default setting of my hair even if I spent thousands of pounds on weekly blow drys and expensive treatments. So this is a good amount of volume for my hair.Another plus point is my scalp can often become inflamed and sore but I haven’t had any issues with my scalp since using this product. Whilst exciting claims of no silicones will get a number of people interested it’s worth noting this doesn’t mean this product is claiming to be free of anything else because it does also contain other ingredients many of us aren’t too keen on such a Sodium Laureth Sulphate and a number of others. So if you’re specifically trying to avoid SLS etc. then make sure you have a good read on the back.