Roast Chicken Is For Life, Not Just For Sunday

Roast Chicken Is For Life, Not Just For Sunday

Roast chicken, my dear readers is not just for Sunday. Get yourself a good sized, organic, free range chicken and do yourself a delicious roast dinner one weekday night. Stuff a lemon (cut in half), garlic bulb (again cut in half) and a bit of good OO inside the bird and roast as you normally would. I like to rub good EVOO, sea salt and cracked black pepper under the skin before cooking but I know to some that this is considered perverse and deviant but seriously, try it before you knock it. Enjoy said roast chicken with delicious roast potatoes, stuffing and buttery vegetables. Nom, I can hear you enjoying that can’t I? Good, good.

Now let the chicken cool down and get in there with your hands or a knife or indeed anything else that helps and get every last scrap of meat off (do not discard carcass) the bones and make yourself and your beloved life partner a delicious chicken, stuffing and mayo sandwich on rye bread. Don’t forget black pepper on the mayo, ok? Them’s the rules. Pop it in a tupperware box with a piece of fruit and there you have it, tomorrow’s lunch.
You should have loads of chicken left and hopefully you’ll be able to make loads more healthy meals from it.
Some ideas :-
Chicken terriaki stir fry. Grab a handful of the chicken, soak in terriaki sauce (just enough to cover the meat) over night. Stir fry with carrots, celery, spring onion – or scallions as we Irish call them (God the green bit tastes like heaven in this recipe), garlic, ginger, red onion, broccoli, rice noodles or vermicelli and enjoy. Dinner done in less than ten minutes. This is also utterly gorgeous eaten cold the next day. Utterly gorgeous.
Chicken and leek pie. Follow any old chicken and leek pie recipe but taste that delicious, gorgeous roasted flavour through the pie crust.

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Chicken and cous cous/bulgar wheat/quinoa. Lots of spicy flavours, liberally thrown around the cous cous, add dried apricots and any veg  (I favour red peppers, celery, spinach leaves all raw and a bit of griddled courgette) you can lay your hands on. 2 teaspoons of harissa paste, liberal amount of black pepper, a tiny grating of nutmeg and half a tea spoon of cumin. Also perfect for lunches. Delicious both cold and warm. Chicken and stuffing sandwiches. Exactly what it says on the tin. Use left over chicken and stuffing, combined with lots of salad to make an easy working lunch.

Thai chicken noodle soup. This is from Nigella’s new book Kitchen. It’s quite simply, 1L of stock, as much leftover chicken as you want to use, rice or thread noodles, any veg you fancy the look of, a tin of coconut milk and a selection of herbs and spices and store cupboard staples that Nigella recommends. We made it last night in under 10 mins and we have leftovers for lunch today.
Now, about that carcass that I asked you not to throw away. Use it, please use it! Stick in a massive crock pot on a low heat with water, veg peelings plus seasoning. Slowly bring to the boil, simmer and then allow slowly to reduce. Use the stock to make just about anything that requires stock. This freezes really well and it makes perfect traditional chicken noodle soup.Do you have any ideas for using up chicken that you’d like to share? Oh and another thing please, please, please do not wash your chicken. I rant about this a lot, a lot, a lot with friends but please read this article if you are part of the astonishing number of people who do wash their meat.