Rescue A Dried Out Mascara

Rescue A Dried Out Mascara

Some mascaras are drier than the Sahara, the Kalahari and The Financial Times combined (I was going to make a joke about Madonna there but I thought better of it) from the word go and as they trek through their short lives, they become drier and drier until one day – two months into their life with you they dry out almost completely. Gah. Can I get a gah? Good.

Here’s a quick and easy tip to get just a couple more uses out of that mascara.

Grab yourself a mug filled with boiling water. Plonk the mascara in and allow to sit for about 5 mins. Your mascara should now work for one final last hurrah before it becomes time to send it to the giant mascara heaven in the..umm…bin.

Don’t throw out those mascara wands though dear friends because my post 8 uses for old mascara wands will save them from landfill.

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