Confused Between Renting vs Buying a bouncy castle? Know more

Confused Between Renting vs Buying a bouncy castle? Know more

Whether you want to celebrate your child’s birthday or you simply want to encourage them to spend more time outdoors, having a bouncy castle can be a great choice. Bouncy castles which are also known as inflatable playgrounds are always popular among children and their friends. They are way safer than a dreaded trampoline in terms of jumping, sliding, and climbing on them. 

Having a bouncy castle in the backyard will provide the kids endless hours of fun. The good part of it is that you are not only allowing your child to have fun, but also make your child exercise more. 

After going through this article, you will be able to decide whether renting or buying a bouncy castle suits you.

Advantages of Renting a Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles have become insanely popular since the last decade.  Bouncy castle manufacturers are still trying to find ways to make them cheaper and stronger.  Because of their historical high prices, purchasing a bouncy castle was not affordable for most of the parents.  Plus, old-age bouncy castles were incredibly heavy to move around. 

Easy Set Up And Wrap Up

For these kinds of reasons, parents opting for rented bouncy castles became an overgrowing demand within a few years. Not to mention, renting bouncy castles became a great alternative for parents who just wanted to throw a unique kid’s birthday party.  One of the most appealing features of renting a bouncy castle is that it hardly requires any preparation at all.  All you need is an open space to set it up and an electrical outlet to light it up.  From there, all the hard work regarding the installation, wrapping up is all taken care of by the rental companies.

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Choose From A Wide Range Of Options

If you are looking for Bouncy Castles then hire such companies in Auckland, you might get to choose from a wide variety of bouncy houses.  Since you’ll be only renting the bouncy castle, you should not be worried about being stuck with the same design for years.  Every year, your kids will have some new bouncy castle to explore and experience and won’t get bored from playing inside the same old castle. 

Themed Fun

Another notable advantage of renting a bouncy castle is that rental companies offer a wide variety of themes and styles. Whether you want to host a barbie-themed birthday party for your daughter or a Star Trek-themed fundraiser, you can surely find the right bouncy castle.  

Options For All Ages

Nowadays, most rental bouncy castle companies are flexible enough to manufacture bouncy houses for adults as well. You can even find themed bouncy castles for adults. In addition, you can even choose from a variety of obstacle courses that are perfect for older children.