Reading List | Crafty Magazine

Reading List | Crafty Magazine

In a bid to take time away from my computer I’ve been actively seeking out new magazines and books, I’m hoping to start a book group here on A Thrifty Mrs soon but I’m just figuring out the best logistics for it. I thought I’d share my recent favourite magazines and books here and hopefully you can share your recommendations in the comments below.

Crafty Magazine is a cooler kind of craft magazine, not so much with the bird patterned tea cosies in pastel shades (which don’t get me wrong I love but sometimes everything is pastel) but made over Converse trainers and David Bowie cut-outs and I definitely think it is a type of magazine the market place has been crying out for. I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for magazines but I always seem to feel a bit deflated by craft magazines as though they’re aimed at someone I’ve never met (am I the only one who feels like this?) but Crafty gets a bit closer to me than most other craft magazines.

You can tell from the outset with the front cover (this is the May edition which came out a while ago – I’m one of those people who has a HUGE pile of magazines beside her desk which she struggles to get through in a timely fashion – too many subscriptions for Christmas perhaps?) that the team behind Crafty had put a lot of time and thought into the design because the modern flow and contemporary feel is present throughout. Lots of white space and illustration allows the writing, tutorials and photography to rest well on the page and breathe.

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Features range from tutorials, craft ideas, interviews and reviews. This is definitely a magazine I’ll be picking up again and if you’re someone who feels alienated by the craft magazines available in your newsagent I’d recommend having a leaf through this because it is relevant, savvy and interesting. You can even get 3 issues for £5 here.

Regular price £4.99 per issue.


P.S. I was sent this issue of Crafty for free, thanks lovely Crafty folk.

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