Preventive Maintenance Tips For Your Car Brakes

Preventive Maintenance Tips For Your Car Brakes

Your car brakes form one of the most critical components that help in the overall functioning of your vehicle. Without brakes, you cannot even expect to drive your car on the road. A good & efficient braking system will always protect you as well as your loved ones from road accidents or any other terrible mishaps. That’s why proper maintenance of your car brakes is very necessary. 

If you poorly maintain your car brakes, then the braking system will face reduced longevity as well as performance, leading to risks of injuries or accidents. Unless you want that to happen, it would be rather prudent to hire a professional for car repairs and get your brakes checked on a regular basis. The main sub-parts of your car braking system include – brake calipers, master cylinder, brake line, brake rotors, and brake pads.

Pro Tip: Check your brake pads every 12,000 miles and replace or replenish your brake fluid every 25,000 miles. However, the above-mentioned estimates can change based on your driving style as well as the vehicle model & age.

Tips & Tricks For Keeping Your Car Brakes In Good Condition

  • Checking The Brake Rotors & Pads

Unless you’re unaware, the brake rotors and pads form the main point of contact between your car tyres and the braking system. Thus, over time, these components tend to wear out due to excessive friction, more than any other component in the car braking system. Therefore, you need to regularly inspect the overall depth & quality of the brake pads to ensure that the system is working at its full potential. 

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For instance, if your feel that you have to press your car’s brake pedal with a much stronger force than before, then it’s a clear sign that brake rotors & pads have worn out and need to be replaced. 

  • Replacing Brake Fluids

Professional services for alloy wheel repair in Essex states that when you press the brake pedal, it’s the brake fluid that helps in transferring the force from the pedal to the brake pads & rotors. Thus, having a functional & efficient brake fluid is extremely necessary because it acts as the messenger between your brake pedal and the brake pads.

Over time, brake fluids get dirty and absorb moisture, thereby losing their efficiency. As a result, the braking system will not be able to work effectively. To avoid such a scenario, brake fluids must be changed every 25,000 miles. If you use your vehicle frequently, then you need to replace the fluid sooner. 

Apart from performing the above-mentioned practices for maintaining your car braking system, be sure to following healthy driving practices to always maintain safety on the road.