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Recently, in the comments section of my blog posts, I’ve had loads of you telling me about the great make up buys to be had in Poundland, so I thought I’d better check it out. Thanks so much for the tip! My local Poundshop isn’t the best but they still had a fairly good selection.

Pound shop make up

The items tend to come wrapped in a little plastic wallet so there’s no room for sticky fingers but also there are no testers – you just have to take your chances. I spotted a lot of coloured Sally Hansen nail polishes which I think are quite hard to get over here because we tend only to have the nail treatments from that brand – or am I on crack saying that? The shelves were positively groaning under the weight of Revlon, Maybelline, Rimmel and Cover Girl. They even had my favourite Collection 2000 concealer but unfortunately they were all in odd shades like Clementine Fire Face*.

Poundland make up

Maybelline Salon Expert in Eternal Ivory (29) This is a fairly sheer ivory colour which takes 3 coats to build up any kind of opacity, however one coat works really well with white tips for a simple french manicure. I’ve been wearing 3 coats of this on one finger as a feature nail with the others painted spring pastel-y colours.

Rimmel Stir It Up in NO WAY! (800) This looked like a powder eyeshadow in the plastic wallet however when I opened it up and swirled my finger through it I discovered it is in fact a cream eyeshadow. The specks of white and black on top seem rather pointless because after the first application they all but disappear. That said it stays on a long time and blends nicely with other colours for a smokey eye and didn’t crease at all.

Revlon Nail Enamel in Sheer Innocence (013) A very sheer milky pink which was just the type of shade I was after. A bit watery (but I find a lot of Revlon nail polishes lean to the watery end) but it builds into a nice colour which I’ve found nearly impossible to chip, even when I put together a chest of drawers yesterday.

The next two items came together in one packet, still at £1.

Rimmel Glam Eyes mono eyeshadow in Royal Violet (400) The packaging is a nightmare to open, a real nightmare. Once I got in I discovered the pigmentation to be weak however when I did try it on my eyes it stayed on for 4+ hours (with eyelid primer) and blended nicely with the other products I used.

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Rimmel Soft Kohl in Chianti (001) The outer packaging of the pencil is brown so I got excited when I saw this in the duo pack because Rimmel kohl liners really work for me. However this was nothing like the basic brown on the outside of the pencil. It turned out to be more of a plumy shade but I went ahead and gave it a whirl. It stayed put like other Rimmel Kohls have done for me plus the colour actually plays up my blue eyes. On my way home I also popped into Pound World and they had similar stock, again in the plastic wallets (actually exactly the same purple wallets as Poundland).

I picked up the following –

Poundworld make up–

A pack of 2 Rimmel Vinyl Jelly lip liners in Hot Spark (009) and Starlet (003) An absolute total and utter nightmare under lipstick, they seemed to make even the most stay put of lipsticks slide across my face. On their own they are FANTASTIC, no drying, good, long lasting colour and really glossy but nothing like a traditional lipliner. I’d say they’re a bit like a lip gloss in pencil form.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara in Brown I love, love, love the very slightly conical shape of the brush and actually the mascara separates my lashes nicely and makes them look longer. I don’t really like the smell of this product though, it doesn’t smell ‘off’ so much as unnecessarily scented which I find really odd for something I’m putting near my eyes. I’ll probably use this a few times before rinsing the brush out and using it with other mascaras. I think most of the make up is either discontinued, excess stock or even items which have only appeared in American shops like Ulta or Walgreens but I don’t have much problem with that. I’m pretty pleased with my finds, they’re none of them perfect but then again I have issues with some products I have which cost £15+ so I think that is pretty much the way with make up. I’ll definitely been checking out the make up selection in some more of the many pound shops near Thrifty Towers



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