Personalised Wedding Gifts

Personalised Wedding Gifts

Going to a wedding can be expensive when you add up travel, hotel, outfits and a gift, not to mention the hen do. One of my favourite things to do is make a personalised wedding gift to give after the date. On the day simply pop a card their way with a little note explaining something special is on the way.

At the wedding itself I collect together little mementos of the day such as confetti, petals from bouquets, small table menus, table scatters (please don’t take anything large or significant – usually table decorations need to be returned or were bought at great expense) and keep them together with the invitation and save the date card. Throughout the day I also take a few snapshots and print them out later on to include in the gift. Making prints need not be expensive or a pain – you can even print off photos from your mobile these days. I can recommend Photobox or taking your camera memory card or phone into a supermarket or branch of Boots to use the little printing machines there.

Once you have all of the mementos pieced together from the day simply buy a frame (I like Ikea or Wilko for this job) and arrange them in a pretty manner inside the frame. Get your craft on with a bit of glue and some scissors, if you’re lacking inpsiration check out scrapbooking blogs or even Pinterest. Here is my Pinterest.

At this point I would normally include an example photograph but because the gifts feature photographs and names of my friends or family that would hardly be fair.

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Package the frame beautifully, I like to use personalised ribbon like this, and present to your friends on their return from honeymoon complete with a bottle of processco and a memory stick containing special songs from the day or their relationship. Actually one couple who wed recently are non drinkers so instead of processco we bought them a set of Mr and Mrs mugs and filled them with a delicious tea and some chocolate biscuits.

Soppy but always gratefully received  – usually with tears and a hug. I don’t know why I continue to do this because I don’t do hugs.


P.S. Do you give personalised wedding gifts? Share your ideas below.