7 Personal Investments for a Better Life

7 Personal Investments for a Better Life

No investment is made without an expected ROI. And everything, from ads to grocery shelves, places demands on our hard-earned resources. But how do you know when you’re making the right investments? Simple. You get the highest returns. Here are 7 personal investments for a better life we’ve evaluated for you.

Invest in Yourself

  • Invest in learning opportunities

Our world is changing quickly, digitally and otherwise. This means the skills and values demanded are also changing quickly. Nowadays, even bloggers know enough coding to make the most of their websites, and graphic designers pick up their skills through YouTube videos.

If you will invest in just one thing this year, let it be a new learning opportunity. Look around you, at what you already do or a hobby you’re already taking up. Upgrade yourself by building on that skill. Learn about something you want to understand, like SEO, or HTML, or the best marketing strategies. Even a small upgrade will expand both your knowledge and understanding of the world. 

  • Invest in the Great Outdoors

Look around you. Find a green plant, inside or outside your house or apartment. Look at it for two minutes. Congratulations! You just rested your eyes for 120 seconds. Because green is the easiest color to see on the spectrum, it gives your eyes the least work to do and lets them rest. 

The great outdoors gives you that experience but magnified a 1000 times. When you take the time to hike or go camping, you give your eyes a chance to avoid the radiation of your laptop or phone screen. With all the greenery, your eyes have a chance to rest. You also feed your brainless color and light stimulants, and you will feel your focus tightening and clarifying as you explore. 

  • Invest in Healthy Living

Healthy living is an investment that proves its own ROI. In the long run, a healthier body means less health issues, less days lost to sickliness or exhaustion, and even less stress. When it comes to investing in health, slow is better than fast. Find a health program that moderates your calories but ensures you have all the nutrients you need for the day. 

When you invest in healthy living, prepare to invest for the long term. It might take diet programs, gym subscriptions, and a different set of groceries than you’re used to. But with the right health plan, you should see even your daily energy levels increase. 

  • Invest in Organic Items

Investing in organic items is automatically an investment in both the environment and in sustainable industries. In short, when you make an investment, you expect to be in perfect health to receive the future returns. To make that happen, you need to put your money in the air you breathe and in industries that will be around in the future.

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Start with everyday items: soap and shampoo, for example. Then branch it out to your lotions and shaving cream. There are even organically constructed toothbrushes and mouthcare solutions. Then you can start replacing other items, such as makeup, accessories, tampons, bag straps, and reusable liquid containers. 

  • Invest in Creation

If you’re going to take up arts and crafts, you might as well be intentional about how you want to help yourself through them. Rest is a legitimate reason. Improving motor skills is a legitimate reason. Helping your brain find out-of-the-box solutions is a legitimate reason. Rather than following a whim, follow your needs to make the best investments.

How do you choose the right craft to tackle? Ask yourself what you need. Origami is a perfect and simple craft, with step-by-step instructions. However, its level of precision requires more attention. Calligraphy helps you develop fine motor skills, and the different colors also provide a form of stimulation. Anything with thread or yarn will expand your tactile experience. The ROI is unforced self-improvement.

  • Invest in Feel-good Wear

Don’t let anyone ever make you feel guilty for buying a piece of clothing or intimate wear just because it makes you feel good. If bra makers adjusted to female body types over the years, women should celebrate the recognition by finding intimate wear they feel comfortable in on an everyday basis.

Your feel-good wear might be a specific style, a specific cloth or material, or a specific brand. While you won’t want every piece in your closet to fall into this category, there will be days where you decide that to have a good day, you need some feel-good wear to boost you up. If you’re in good spirits, people treat you with good spirits, and you can turn around a bad or mediocre day. 

  • Invest in Relationships

Last but certainly not the least, invest in your valued relationships. The investment might be time. It might be attention. It can also be financial. But at the end of the day, looking forward into the future is full of hope because of the loved ones you get to spend it with. 

So invest in dinners, in nights out, in vacations, in road trips. Invest in quirky or silly birthday gifts and in Christmas memories. Pick up the phone to call a relative or friend you haven’t seen in a while. Take time to respond to social media comments. Share your thoughts, hopes, and dreams. And look forward to the best ROI, which is companionship in the road ahead.