How to Perform a Correct Power Assessment of Your Home

How to Perform a Correct Power Assessment of Your Home

There’s no doubt that the modern home uses a lot of juice. Many decades ago, it was simply the lighting equipment, appliances, radio and television – which used to consume electricity. In today’s world, the number has expanded by leaps and bounds. From PCs to routers, security systems to charging smartphones – the list goes on. 

Times like these are when a professional home energy assessment or audit with the help of an electrician in Box Hill services, is the perfect way to determine where your home might be losing energy. With the help of such an audit plan, you’ll be able to conduct a personal walkthrough of your house, located and solve the required issues and thereby save on your monthly electricity bills in the long-run.

Knowing The Ways To Perform A Correct Power Assessments of Your Home

  1. Checking Your Electronics And Appliances

The electronics and appliances that you’ll be choosing and the way you’ll be using them will be directly affecting the energy costs and usage. You can examine the electronics and appliances inside your home and thereby estimate theirs over energy usage. The best suggestive methods would be to consider different strategies to reduce the energy usage of electronics and appliances. The following procedures can be considered for the same:

  • Preventing phantom loads by unplugging an electronic item when it’s not in use.
  • Changing the settings of an electronic or an appliance less often.
  • Purchasing efficient and new appliances to replace your old ones.
  1. Checking Your Lighting Fixtures

It should be noted that the energy spent on lighting equipment accounts for at least 10 per cent or more of your monthly electricity bill. You can start by examining your home light bulbs with the help of an electrician in Thornbury services. Replacing the inefficient ones with more efficient choices including CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) and LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) will help you save energy. 

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When you’re shopping for newer bulbs, you need to consider the brightness of the bulbs and look for the maximum amount of lumens emitted by the bulb. Furthermore, you can easily consider using dimmers, sensors or timers to reduce the use of the lighting equipment, when not in use. 

  1. Checking Cooling And Heating Equipment

The best way to go about this issue is to inspect your cooling and heating equipment on an annual basis or as recommended by the specific equipment manufacturer. It’s suggested to hire a professional once per year and clean your equipment for the best possible performance.

In case your unit is more than fifteen years old, then you should consider replacing it for a newer, energy-efficient one. Such a unit will greatly help in reducing your monthly energy bills.