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Paolo Gucci Didn’t Always Get Along With His Famous Family

The challenges of running a family business are always present. But the Guccis elevated the concept of “family drama”. The story of the dynasty is now back in the news thanks to House of Gucci, a movie about the deceit, deception and murder that took place at Gucci, an Italian fashion house.

The film is about the turbulent relationship between Patrizia Gaga (Lady Gaga) and Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver). Their marriage dissolves along with the family business after a honeymoon phase. The family has several members fighting for control of the brand, including Paolo Gucci (Jared Leto), who is depicted as an animated character. Leto’s portrayal of Paolo has been met with both praise and criticism. Leto was nominated for a Best supporting actor nomination at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Critics Choice Awards, and a Razzie award for Worst Supporting Actor.

Below is a summary of everything you need to know regarding Paolo Gucci’s role in the company.

Who was Paolo Gucci?

Paolo Guccio Guccio, the great-grandson of Guccio Guccio — the man who founded Guccio Gucci in 1906 — is one of the Gucci family members who worked at Guccio’s family business. Paolo was once in charge of Gucci’s American operations. But that didn’t last very long. Paolo and the rest were eventually forced to sell their company shares.

Paolo Gucci was not as involved in Gucci as his father Aldo Gucci, his uncle Rodolfo Gucci, and his cousin Maurizio Gucci. However, he did serve as Gucci’s chief design officer in the 1960s. According to his The New York Times 1995 obituary, he claimed that he had designed 80% of the Gucci items.

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What went wrong?

Paolo Gucci was fired twice from his family business. His uncle Rodolfo fired Paolo Gucci the first time, while his father Aldo fired him the second.

Paolo was appointed vice president and managing director of Gucci Parfums of America and Gucci Shops Inc. when Aldo brought his family business to America. Unfortunately, the American venture didn’t go as planned. After a year, Rodolfo dismissed him from Gucci, claiming he had failed to perform his duties as factory manager in Florence.

Paolo launched a fashion label under his name and filed a lawsuit against Gucci in an attempt to get compensation. Aldo fired Paolo, as per the Associated Press.

From that point on, Paolo and his family were in constant conflict. Paolo was accused of assaulting Giorgio and Roberto, his brothers, in 1982.

What’s the deal with Paolo?

Paolo was fired from Gucci and tried to sue his family for the right to use his name to start his fashion label. According to, he spent millions suing his family for breach of contract.

According to The Fashion Law, he had ambitious plans for the brand. He dreamed of creating “lamps and sunglasses, furniture and bedding accessories and fabrics, wallcoverings, ladies’ underwear and lingerie, plates, and flatware”. He was unable to launch “Paolo Gucci”, however. He left fashion shortly after he was allowed to use his name in his line. He quit working in the family business in 1980 and sold all of his Gucci shares for $45 million in 1987. He declared bankruptcy in 1993, claiming that he owed $90 million.

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