Our £10 Shoe Cupboard

Our £10 Shoe Cupboard

You know that dumping ground you have near your front door? Shoes kicked off, keys dumped and coins spilling around, none or little organisation at all? Yeah we had one of those too. I was sick to the back teeth of tripping over shoes in our dark hallway, it had to end. So we bought a cupboard and got organised…and pretty.

Naturally we bought said cupboard from a charity shop and luckily it was only £10 because of some scratches to the inside. It’s a mid-century piece with gorgeous curved shelves to the interior. Shelves which are just deep enough to take some of Mr Thrifty’s large shoes and trainers and a few of mine too. We have a heck of a lot of shoes so the shoes that live in this cupboard tend to be the ugly trainers we use to run out to the bins, work shoes, slippers and those ones that we find ourselves wearing more than the shoes we own – we all have them. Our other shoes live elsewhere.

We’ve used ‘traditional’ shoe storage before. You know the type of things I mean, those shelves and benches and baskets and none of them have worked for us. I like that this is a functional piece of furniture but you’d never know what it houses inside. Plus the top provides a place for loose change, a mirror for last minute make up checks and a little something decorative. I often see these kinds of pieces in charity shops for great prices so if you’re struggling with that pain in the backside area of your house head toward the charity shops my friend.

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How do you organise that dumping ground beside your front door? Where do you store your everyday shoes?

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