Organising with The Humble Egg Tray

Organising with The Humble Egg Tray

Egg trays are one of the best things I’ve found for organising drawers. If you don’t have lots of little pots & jars you can still keep your small fincikity bits well organised but on view so you can find them straight away. So once you’ve eaten your eggs or given them a new home in the manner of a 1980s sitcom (*sings* we make it and we take it home, B-B-BREAD…) make sure you keep your egg trays to stay organised in your drawers.

I have a ceramic egg tray for keeping out on view in the hallway and the cardboard ones sit in the drawers of bedside tables, desks, ‘junk drawers’ and just about anywhere else I can find a use for them. Once the cardboard trays get a bit grubby you can simply toss them to recycling knowing that you gave them a good go at a second purpose. You m’lady, gave that egg carton purpose, a reason to live – high five!

As for the ceramic egg trays, they’re endlessly useful for make up and hair bits and bobs because they’re easier to just give a quick wash when you do your dishes. I have one in the bathroom for dropping my jewellery and hair clips into before I get in the shower – I just go through it once a week and return things to their ‘home’.

You can pick them up in the weirdest of places (my local church are selling them – eh?) and in the places you think you’re likely to find them, the staff behind the counter look at you like you’re bonkers when you so much as suggest such a thing even exists. You can get a 12 egg-er here and a the 6 egg one here (these are the cheapest ones I could find – you’re welcome) though, so all is not lost if you can’t find them on your travels.

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What do you think? Will you give them a go? Do you use them already?


P.S. S’up with your bad self?

P.P.S. Egg tray? Egg carton? Who knows? Who cares?

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