Organised Food Storage – Day 13 | 15 Days To An Organised New You

Organised Food Storage – Day 13 | 15 Days To An Organised New You

Getting the kitchen organised and tidy takes some real time and effort. There are so many bits and bobs to organise it can get a bit muddled and jumbled especially when it comes to food. A lot of people think organising their food is as easy as nipping out to a shop and buying some tupperware to store it all in but it really takes some thought. Storing all of those plastic tubs in your cupboard may make it look pretty and you may enjoy breaking out the label maker but those tubs will soon get as jumbled up as they were when they were cans and jars. Here is how we do it and some realistic ideas illustrated by some of my favourite bloggers. Because our kitchen is so tiny I like to keep counter tops as free of food as possible, I like to make sure it is tucked away in a cupboard and because of that there isn’t much space in said cupboards.

A lot of our bulk buy products end up stored in our garage (which we aim to do as little as possible) and I keep track of them buying drawing up an inventory which we attach to the inside of our main food cupboard. Our baking items live largely on this baking trolly (nicknamed Pam) which I showed in this post last year. It’s really handy because when I bake I end up getting a lot of stuff out, so to have it all stored in one easy space means I spend less time rumm another room but can be wheeled in and out whenever I need her. We found storing items like spices and tall bottles works better for us in deep drawers than cupboards. We label the top of each item, then we’re easily able to pull the drawer open and look in to see what is there. Many of these items are small and you’ll find they easily get shoved to the back of a cupboard, whereas in a deep drawer they’re a lot easier to just lift out from above. Actually we like storing our food in drawers in general, so we moved our cutlery into the dining area since that’s where we use it and made use of the extra drawer to store spices and dried herbs.

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In cupboards we keep like with like and employ plastic baskets picked up in pound shops so we can easily pull groups of packets or jars out in one go rather than having to clatter about moving individual tins and jars and plastic tubs around. We do the same in our fridge which I demonstrated in this post. The same goes for trays. Keeping items stored on top of trays (I pick these up in charity shops for mere pence) means you can wipe up spills but you can also pull the trays in and out neatly. Think about the way you use your kitchen. Grouping like with like really helps. Are your teabags in a muddle next to the tinned tomatoes? Why not take them out and group them with other drinks like coffee, cordials etc. and have them live in the same cupboard as your mugs, cups and glasses? Throw in some sugar and tea spoons and you have the perfect drinks station. Got a huge spice collection? Check they’re all in date then separate them into groups.

Are some of these better stored with your baking products?

If you know you make the same dishes on a regular basis collect them together in groups according to those dishes. You could even take all of the spices for your favourite regular curry and make a mix or even pop them into some magnetic tubs and store them inside a cupboard door – which will save you not only space but time.

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And whilst we’re on the topic of storing things inside doors – make sure you’re using this space to the max! You can buy various racks which you can slot onto the inside of cupboard doors with little trouble meaning you can hide away light items which you may have struggled to store.