Organise Your Daily Cleaning Routine – day 9 | 15 DAYS TO AN ORGANISED NEW YOU

Organise Your Daily Cleaning Routine – day 9 | 15 DAYS TO AN ORGANISED NEW YOU

Keeping your house clean and tidy may seem boring and a tad dull but living in a pig sty can really drag you down. Establishing a quick and easy cleaning schedule is the only way to do it. And honestly? Most people (apart from those over-cleaning types) don’t clean their house frequently enough,  meaning they have to spend their precious weekends doing 7x the amount of work.First of all you need to do the following tasks in your home every single day — Clean the toilet- Open windows and curtains- Air the bed then make it- Washing up- Put washing up away- Put laundry into laundry bins- Take rubbish out- Wipe down kitchen surfaces- Clean kitchen sink- Pick up clutter and put it away
If you have pets or children you may also want to — Sweep and mop the kitchen- Vacuum heavily travelled through areas- Check bedding

This might seem like a big, huge long list but honestly it isn’t. These tasks are the basics and can be slotted in with ease and not only that, once you fit them into your daily cleaning schedule you’ll find you spend far less time cleaning, tidying and organising in the long run.Each of these basic tasks can be slotted into your morning routine, (almost) without you even noticing. I shared my dailycleaning routine last year which shows how I slot these basic task into my day without any kind of slog. I know a lot of of you will roll your eyes at this because you know I work from home but I work a min of 12 hours most days and also kept up with the same schedule when I worked out of the house with a 45 minute each way commute. It’s not about being Superwoman, it’s about making the tasks fit in, multi tasking if needs be and just damn well getting on with it.Don’t go jumping in straight away with spring cleans and scrubbing entire rooms but slowly make these tasks fit into your everyday routine (do read my daily cleaning routine linked above because it is filled with my tips). Most of the tasks take around 30 seconds each but can save you hours of hassle and family/flatmate arguments along the way. If you’re a bit worried about doing all of these tasks then add in 2 per week until you’re able to do the whole routine on a daily basis.

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Day 3 – Create a Home HQDay 4 – Organising for emergenciesDay 5 – Organising your bathroomDay 6 – Iron out your morning and evening routineDay 7 – Organising your handbagDay 8 – Organised gift wrap stationTTFN,P.S. Over the course of the next few months I’ll be posting my weekly, monthly and seasonal cleaning routines so keep your eyes peeled for those but only add those in once you have your daily routine mastered.