Organise Your Bedside Table

Organise Your Bedside Table

This is the Wednesday task from which, by the way, is a weekly post here on A Thrifty Mrs aiming to help you keep your home ticking over with minimal decor ideas and effort. I’m lazy and you are too, admit it. I don’t know about you but my bedside nightstands table keeps my life trotting by nicely, so I like to keep it it organised. I want to get into bed of an evening and know everything I need before I go to sleep is in one place and everything I might need throughout or the night or in the morning is there too.

So What is My Bedside Set Up?

I have a small round wood bedside tables with nightstand and two tall unique grey shallow drawers. On the top I have a lamp, a picture, my land line phone, which ever book I’m currently reading along with natural face cream and a hydrating spray which helps with my hay fever. Of an evening I tend also to keep my phone on the base of my lamps, a glass of water on a coaster and a to-do list on top of my books. Every night I write out my to do list in bed and re-read it before I go to sleep. It really helps me feel organised and I swear, the nights I don’t do it I have really patchy sleep. Inside my drawers I have the usual assortment of hair clips, lip balms, lotions and potions, earphones, pens etc. but instead of just throwing them in I keep them neatly organised so I can just reach in and find what I want when I want it.

What do I use to organize such a small space? An assortment of goodies. I have some cheap little trays from which I use throughout the house but I also employ vintage teacups to house my hairbands and hairgrips and items which might otherwise find themselves headed to the bin. The perspex cases are actually the cases iPods come in, they’re perfect because they have a lid so nothing gets dusty and if you’re storing a beauty item which might get greasy or a bit dirty then it can’t transfer to anything else in the drawer. I also use fruit punnets a lot for easy organisation. Here, in the top drawer, I’m just using the lid of a cherry punnet to keep my bed gloves and manky only-used-when-taking-make-up-off hairband nice and neat but in my desk drawer over in my office they help me keep all kinds of things organised without having to spend a single extra penny. Bargain.

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The key to getting this area right is observation. Keep a box next to your bed and for the next couple of nights every time you use something essential to your nightly routine put it in the box. Also add in things you might only use once in a while but when you do they’re something which you need quickly – for me that is vapour rub, Olbas oil and painkillers. Once you’ve observed what you need and have collected together your must haves, think about where you need it to be and organizer it accordingly. So go forth and think about what you need in that spot. What are you shuffling around your house trying to find before bed? Getting stressed before you go to bed does not equal a smooth transit into the world of skipping sheep and free shoes, AKA sleep. I was asked about this topic by some lovely ladies via my , namely Laura, Sara, Frances and Cherry. I hope it was helpful and if you do have any questions about housewifery, saving money, charity shops or generally anything I blog about please do feel free to drop me a line to and I’ll try to help. I do take sometime to sort out an answer I’m afraid but I do try my best to give helpful advice which is well thought out rather than rushed and useless guff…at least I hope so!