Ooooh Fancy Pants New Ness

Ooooh Fancy Pants New Ness

 Keep your eyes peeled for the discount code below!

As you may know I run adverts in the sidebar of my blog, the money I make from it is put back into new designs, photography doodahs and costs. I love offering affordable ways to promote blogs and businesses and I’m so pleased to hear from many of my advertisers that they receive great traffic from my blog. One thing I had a little problem with is my inbox eating emails and sending them to spam boxes meaning I was missing questions from potential partners. I was also worried about the security of paypal addresses flying here, there and everywhere.

Recently I’ve been looking into various ways of having the sidebar advertising handled. I’ve looked at a great many websites who offer this service but I decided to go with Passionfruit Ads. I was swayed by the testimonials and guides from other blogging types who made it sound so easy (it really is). Plus when I had a query when first looking into it, the
guy who runs the site helped me in under 2 minutes which is pretty impressive. Actually I believe I may have said ‘I could hug you from across the ocean’ but let’s not tell Mr Thrifty eh?

So how does it work? Should you wish to advertise you just click on the ‘buy now’ button next to one of the four packages (prices are in US $ but I’ve included a natty little link to a currency converter) that suits you best, the page redirects you to the Passionfruit checkout page. Upload your advert image, your link and a little bit about your website or service and then you can pay via a secure checkout with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and a couple of other methods. Once I approve your advert it goes live for 31 days (you can purchase multiples) and includes everything in the package.

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I have access to a snazzy little interface meaning I can see how long each advertiser has left so I can turn my back on Excel spreadsheets for a while – Excel hates me. All packages include a big, fat mention in my monthly Shout Out post which goes out mid-month. So say for instance you start your advertising period today on 3rd August you would feature in the August Shout Out, after the 15th of the month you will feature in the September Shout Out. Easy. I’ll leave you with the packages below, my dedicated advertising page can be found here and if you have any questions feel free to email me at thrifty  I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the spam folder! Oh and here is a currency converter, should you need it. By the way! If you use code THRIFTYAUG when purchasing advertising on A Thrifty Mrs during August 2012 you’ll get 20% off. Bargain.