Ooh New Shoes

Ooh New Shoes

New shoes are right up there with booking a holiday, passing your driving test and finding out they are actually, finally going to make that long promised third 3 Men and a…film, i.e. all good reasons to find yourself hysterically happy. But three pairs of shoes for under £30? Pass me even more of that there hysteria, petal. I do hysteria well. Shoe Zone, who already have pretty good value prices on their shoes already not only have a sale running at the moment but they also have 20% off their sale prices, making the savings pretty huge!

Shoe Zone asked me to see what I could find in their sale and “lots!” was the answer! Their knee high boot sale selection is ace but the fact I have quite a few eleventy billion pairs of winter boots swayed me toward something I needed and lacked – day to day flats and wipe clean shoes for walking the dog. I opted for 2 pairs of flat shoes and a classic pair of DM style boot. First these red studded, slipper style loafers* which I thought would add a nice pop of colour to other wise dull black or grey outfits. They’re seriously comfortable with or without tights which is a winner right there but on top of that, because of the well finished edging and great detail (they have used two different kinds of contrasting studs) they look more expensive than they are.

This week I’ve worn these to a couple of business meetings and felt they transitioned well as we hit the bar afterwards. Whilst I’m sure you shouldn’t go jumping in puddles with these they’ve faired pretty well with the insane non stop rainfall occasional shower we had over the weekend and into the early party of this week. Next up I snaffled a this pair of Brogues for £6.79* down from an original price of £16.99. I’m a brogues girl, I pick a pair, wear them endlessly and then mourn their death a couple of years later, these will no doubt be the same.

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These came straight out of the box and went straight on my feet, they’re a fab little pair of shoes with a great distressed look. They’re fab with a floral tea dress, wool tights and my favourite (charity shop find) cashmere cardigan. Comfort isn’t an issue as you barely know you have them on oh and the laces are really sturdy too.

My third selection are these black boots* which were actually from the men’s sale section (I wear a 6-6.5) so can get away with the smallest of men’s shoes) and it’s L-O-V-E. I was umming and aahing over a similar pair of DM style boots in another section but they had studs on the heel and I fancied plain. I picked them up for £15.99 and couldn’t be more thrilled. As you can see from the smear of dirt, they’re fresh from a dog walk and were perfect with my long army jacket, stomping through the wet woods and along soaked Mancunian footpaths. Oh and they come in cherry too which remind me of my nineties teenage obsession with stomping around in big, red boots whilst imagining I was Justine from Elastica and therefore allowed to snog Damon Albarn.