No Effort Cleaning Tips

No Effort Cleaning Tips

I don’t want to spend my days cleaning or tidying, I employ crafty tactics so cleaning takes mere seconds and I have my time free to spend on things I DO want to do (oh hello Mighty Boosh box set). Here are a few tips which are of course thrifty and will hopefully make your life that bit easier when it comes to cleaning –

Got some leftover, flat Coke sitting around doing nada? Pour it down your loo, leave over night and flush first thing in the morning for a sparkling toilet pan.Wipe your bathroom sink with a wet sponge and neat white vinegar every morning (you’ll never have to scrub it again if you wipe it down every day) whilst you brush your teeth. You sink will be clean, disinfected and streak free, plus doing two things at once is one of my top tips for getting things done without taking up too much time. It will become so much part of your routine that you’ll barely even realise you’re doing it.Keep a packet of safety pins (non rusting – it should say so on the packet) inside your laundry hamper. Pin together your socks as you take them off. You’ll never have to spend ages pairing socks again, nor will you have socks go missing in the wash. I bulk buy my safety pins from large craft shops or ebay.

Have you got a candlestick or dish covered in dried on candle wax? Pop it in the freezer for an hour or so and the wax will be far easier to break off.Before you chuck a newspaper to recycling, scrunch it up and rub it over every mirror en route to your recycling bin (I’m a big fan of reusing before recycling). You’ll have clean, shiny, dust free mirrors in a matter of seconds.What tips do you employ to make cleaning a no effort, minimal part of your day?

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