New Mother’s Return to Workplace

New Mother’s Return to Workplace

You’ve taken quite a bit of time off from your work during pregnancy and a few months after your child was born. It is perfectly natural to focus on your personal life and family. But it often happens that those who stay at home too long somehow find themselves nervous all over again before the big day of work. Whether it is nervousness or excitement, handling a new-born and maintaining a work-life can be pretty hectic. Continue reading this article to find out how you can strike a work-life balance and create a healthy environment for your child to grow up.

1. Preparations: Whether you are joining the same firm or a new company altogether, you need to make prior preparations to ensure that you are on you’re a-game.

  • Make sure you are not only mentally, but physically prepared to join work. Do not overlook your own physical discomfort as it may take a toll on your general health.
  • Go through your closet and sort out the items that you are going to wear on the first day of rejoining. It is crucial to make a good first impression. If possible book a hair-appointment and get yourself ready for the world outside.

2. Child Care: Yes, you love your kid, but you have to join work, there’s no second doubting the fact. That means, like so many working moms, you also will spend a good chunk of time away from your baby. There is no point in feeling guilty of not being able to stay with your kids all day long. Just make sure that all the necessities are well provided for.

  • Hiring a full-time nanny is the best possible option for those who can afford one. It is important to do a quick background check-up before hiring anyone to take care of your child.
  • Pay close attention to the qualification and organizing skill of the caregiver. Having a glorious recommendation from their previous employer ensures that your child will be under expert supervision.
  • You may also opt for the day-care facility available in the office, or might want to drop your child to such a reputed daycare center. Be well-prepared to travel with your child in the car. Purchase evenflo everystage dlx all-in-one car seat that will fit your requirements and more. Take plenty of colorful toys to distract the baby while driving.
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3. Remain Calm: Returning to work won’t be a cakewalk as people will have some opinions about your baby. You’ll receive a lot of unsolicited advice from co-workers you hardly know or talk to. Take the bit of advice that is helpful and turn down the rest of them.

  • People might see you differently as you have a domestic life now. Some co-workers might seem to be over friendly all of a sudden. These unnecessary chats can very well hamper the progress of your work at the end of the day. Be sure to communicate your disinterest to talk about your personal life at work.
  • You cannot let them see you sweat as there are always colleagues who will hold you accountable for minor slip ups. They will judge you as unfit and the word will soon get around.

The fact that you are raising a child and at the same time maintaining a full-time job is truly commendable. But don’t let other’s expectations overwhelm you. Take a break from responsibilities once in a while to cool off. If you don’t steal moments of happiness for your own, it will be hard to maintain a professional career and parenting. The goal is to find the right balance and joy in your work.