Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Wrist Watches

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Wrist Watches

Did you know that the most expensive wrist watch ever sold belongs to the actor Paul Newman? It was sold for nearly $18 million and the transaction entered the Guinness World Records at the moment of sale.

Wrist watches are definitely interesting, but how much do you know about them? The mechanics of a wrist clock are amazing and the inner workings of a watch are usually a thing of art. Keep reading to learn more about wristwatches and what makes them so special.

The First Wrist Watches Were Designed for Women Only

Elizabeth I is believed to be the first woman who had a wrist watch. These items were very expensive back in the days and they were designed for women only. Men had their pocket watches and were not interested in wrist clocks in the beginning.

However, wrist watches started to become very fashionable and men began to wear them too. These devices became popular among men during the First World War as soldiers need to synchronize coordinated attacks against the enemy.

it makes sense since soldiers could quickly find out the time with a single glance at their wrist without having to take the watch out of the pocket first.

Most Watches Are Some of the Most Reliable and Popular

Most popular watches are available in the market like quartz or hamilton watches.

quartz watches are available in the market use quartz. This is a mineral that can be found in great quantities on Earth. Quartz can generate a small electric voltage when squeezed and that’s why it’s so valuable in wristwatches.

At the same time, running small amounts of electricity through the quartz mineral makes it vibrate at a precise rate. The battery of a standard watch sends a tiny electric voltage through the quartz. This makes it vibrate at a set rate per second.

Using intricate mechanisms and small gears, the vibration moves the arms that indicate seconds, minutes, and hours. This vibration can also power an LCD screen and display the hour and date electronically by following a precise watch movement guide.

Astronauts Had Wrist Watches When They Landed on the Moon

It’s not like they were late for an appointment, but wearing watches on the way to the Moon is definitely cool. The Russians were the first ones to take watches up there in space. They had Strela watches as these were the most sophisticated back in the days.

The American astronauts also had Omega watches. The exact model is the Omega Speedmaster. As you can probably imagine, these watches were perfectly functional in the vacuum of space. They are immensely valuable at the moment of this writing since they have been into space and back on the wrists of famous astronauts.

Chronographs Are Actually Stopwatches

The term chronograph sounds very sophisticated and you can usually find it associated with a wrist watch. At the end of the day, a chronograph is nothing more but a stopwatch. It is one of the most popular features of a modern wristwatch.

Clocks with chronographs usually have two arms that measure how many seconds and minutes have elapsed. This mechanism starts when you press a button and it stops when you press another button. These two buttons are usually placed on each side of the crown.

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The Casio G-Shock Is Probably the Toughest Wrist Watch Out There

Many companies are competing to make tough and durable wrist watches. Some of these products are designed for people who work under extreme environmental conditions and they can last for a lifetime.

A good example in this case is the magnificent Casio G-Shock. This watch can take a lot of wear and tear, it can be submerged to great depths, it is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and so on. Interestingly, the manufacturers didn’t design tests to see how tough this watch can be.

They simply dropped it from a 4-story building to see what happens. The watch resisted the fall. They also got the watch through tough conditions, exposing it to mud, moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures. The watch again passed these tests.

Most Ads With Wrist Watches Have the Time Set to 10:10

Have you ever wondered why this happens? Is it a secret code? Is it a way to impress the buyers? Well, the reason why manufacturers advertise their watches in this way is because the arms resemble a smiley face.

Most people like to see smiles in almost anything around them. They draw smiley faces on the sand at the beach. They send smiley emoticons through text messages. It is believed that the time set to 10:10 can make people buy more wrist watches because of the “smiley” face displayed.

Most Wrist Watches Feature a Black Color Scheme

Whether the watch is designed for men and women, chances are that it has a black layout. This design makes it very easy to recognize the digits and symbols displayed on the screen. At the same time, the black color makes it easy for manufacturers to stylize the watch for formal or casual occasions.

A black watch looks cool in any situation and it can be used for sporty-type watches as well as elegant ones. Manufacturers usually make the digits and watch arms reflect back some light, so they are more visible in the dark too.

Rolex Watches Have Been on the Ocean Floor

High-quality watches you can buy today are resistant up to 1,000 feet underwater. This is an impressive feat, but Rolex wanted to take it one step further. They submerged certain watches at about 36,000 feet underwater in the Mariana Trench.

This is a hole on the ocean floor and the water pressure pushing on the watch is incredible. Still, the watch performed flawlessly and now you can buy a watch that has actually been as deep into the water as possible.

Now You Know How Precious a Wrist Watch Can Be!

As you can see, a wrist watch can be a work of art, an almost indestructible piece of engineering, or just a device that tells you what time it is. In any case, you will probably look differently at wrist watches after reading this article.

To find out more interesting facts about wristwatches and clocks in general then make sure that you check out the other articles on our website.