Nail Polish Case and Organizer Ideas

Nail Polish Case and Organizer Ideas

I used to have heaps of nail polish, hundreds of little bottles all lined up and yet I seemed to stick to the same few colors. A few months back I got sick of dusting them all, so I gave the majority to a family friend, keeping my favorites and a few seasonal essentials for myself. I now organize my nail polish into a smallish Greengate tin (and some go in the fridge) which keeps them in one place but means I can’t see which shade is which. Here’s how I’ve overcome that problem. Stickers my little thriftsters, stickers. I’m a firm believer that stickers and labels can solve most organization problems so it was only natural to reach out to them for some help when it came to organizing nail varnish.

Nail Polish Case

DIY Nail Polish Rack

I wanted some small dot stickers but those only seem to come in bright colors, so I made do by cutting some regular name tag sized stickers into small squares and using those. Many online stationery companies are happy to send out samples if you’re buying other items from them. I requested some CD label samples when I bought some magazine storage from a company about two years ago and they also sent a huge pack of their various sized stickers to try out which I still have loads left to play around with now. In a roundabout way, they were free to me.

Nail Varnish Storage

Now when I’m in a rush to go out I can see what colors I have available to me in no time at all.You can also pick up stickers in supermarkets and pound shops really cheaply. All I did was put a small dot of nail polish onto the sticker and affix it to the lid of the corresponding nail varnish bottle. A cocktail stick helps in smoothing down the edges and ensuring you don’t make a big mess of the wet nail varnish. Ideally, I’d paint the nail varnish onto small dot stickers whilst still on the original sticker sheet, allow to dry and then attach the bottle but because the stickers needed to be cut to size the adhesive side would have dried out if I’d waited any longer. The lids that don’t have stickers are the ones that I can easily identify, I know the lids with dipped gold lids are Estee Lauder and I only have two of those and so and so forth.

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