My Favourite Charity Shop Find

My Favourite Charity Shop Find

As a charity shop blogger you may have guessed tha I buy a large amount of my clothes and furniture from charity shops. I try choose wisely and hope to only buy things I love and will stand the test of time in our home but it’s still easy to have favourites.
My favourite ever charity shop finds?

Vintage nurse cape 

When I first stumbled upon this old cape in a charity shop I thought it was a blanket and almost put it back on the rail before discovering it was a cape and was most definitely coming home with me. Readers told me it had history and was an old  so I did a little research. Turns out my mother in law, a former nurse, had one, complete with hood, when she was a nurse in the 60s and 70s so I think she’d be baffled to see me larking around in it in the name of fashion.

Vintage Media Unit

This makes me happy, so, so happy. We’re using it at dual purposes, number one as storage for our glassware, spirits and other cocktail paraphernalia and uptop for our games consoles, television and stereo equipment etc. I’m all for people using second hand furniture in a puritan sense but my home isn’t a museum and I need to make things work for our modern day lifestyle. It was important to find a piece that could do two things in a small space and look beautiful so I was thrilled to find this cocktail cabinet for £30 in a charity shop just outside Manchester.

Lloyd Loom blanket chest 

Our at a £1 bargain now houses my handbag collection and leaves plenty of room for extra seating up top. I know a lot of people would make it over but I love it the way it is.

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My wedding shoes

I found these pink glittery heels in a Bath charity shop a month before our wedding. They were brand new, still in their box and priced at £5, a bargain for Bath charity shops. I knew instantly that they’d add just enough pop and a bit of fun to my calf length ivory wedding dress. I still wear them for special occasions now. I’ve had some other favourites over the years but I’ve gone on to sell them once they didn’t fit or work for our lifestyle. These are my current favourites but I’m sure I’ll be able to change my favourites list as time goes on…the beauty of shopping charity shops!