My Daily Cleaning Routine

My Daily Cleaning Routine

One of the posts I’m most frequently asked to put together is just this, a post about my daily cleaning routine. I’m of the little and often school of thought when it comes to cleaning, mainly because I hate spending wasting a whole day cleaning, hate it. Before I go into my daily cleaning routine I’ll first give you a little overview of my entire cleaning routine, but I’ll do full posts on those at a later date – if you want?
daily cleaning routine

– Daily cleaning – I do every single one of these tasks every day without fail…unless I’m very ill.

– Weekly cleaning – I have set days of the week to do certain tasks, a timetable of cleaning if you will. Because I keep on top of each task they don’t take very long at all.

Monthly & seasonal cleaning Big jobs and more detailed cleaning which I don’t really apply a time table to but I do make a note of the last time I did it. (Things like cleaning windows, polishing silver, cleaning tops of cupboards etc.)

Cleaning Routine


As soon as I get up I hit the shower. Whilst I have conditioner in my hair I rinse out and hand wash my tights and bra from the previous day with hand soap, then hang them on a hook in the shower to dry.

When I’ve finished washing myself I remove any hair from the plug straight away (I do not want to be picking out huge clumps of scummy hair that have built up over time) then spray the shower, tiles and screen with a solution of 50/50 white vinegar and water which I keep in a spray bottle in the shower. I leave the vinegar on whilst I wrap my hair in a towel and then take the hose off the hook and spray water across the tiles to rinse off the vinegar.

Once out and dried I brush my teeth and whilst doing that I spray the same solution of vinegar and water (I have two bottles of it on hand in my bathroom purely so everything is at reach and takes mere seconds) around the sink and taps and quickly wipe down with a damp sponge.

I then rub in my cleanser and leave it on my face for 30 seconds whilst giving the loo a quick rub round with a damp cloth and bicarb of soda which buffs it up and keeps it shiny. Then I slosh some vinegar into the toilet pan and leave. Naturally I then wash my hands thoroughly before removing my cleanser.


Whilst making my porridge I give my kitchen sink and surfaces a good wipe down (again with a solution of 50/50 vinegar & water) and return any dishes on the rack to their respective cupboards and drawers. I also detach the lid of my bin and give it a good clean with washing up liquid. I take any food waste out to the compost bin then get the washing machine going.

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Actually in the timeline of my cleaning day, before I even get in the shower I open my bedroom window and push back the duvet on the bed so it can air out. Please don’t make your beds as soon as you get out of them. Think about how sweaty you must get in bed, under the covers at night. Please let the persperation air out before you make up the bed.

Once I’ve had my breakfast I return to the bedroom to do my make up and get dressed. Whilst pottering about I put dirty washing into the basket. I also give my mirror and dressing table a quick wipe down after I’ve finished putting my make up on, mainly because I’m very messy and I’ve found the foundation splatters are harder than glue to get off.

Living Room

The television screen gets a wipe down when it is turned on. Everytime. It takes 2 seconds. I try to keep on top of putting things away so that the room isn’t cluttered up. If I don’t have time to put each item back its home I will chuck all misplaced stuff into one basket which gets hidden behind the curtains and dealt with at a more convinent time later in the day.

Before Bed

I put my bra and tights on the back of the bathroom door so I have them to hand for washing in the morning. Whilst the cleanser is on my face again, I go through the laundry basket then fill up the washing machine ready to be turned on in the morning.

Every night without fail I empty out my purse. I like to know where I stand money wise at the end of the day and if I need to visit the cash machine the next day. I put receipts, business cards and notes in a drawer next to my bed to be dealt with later in the week. I also put coppers and 5 pence pieces into jars.

And that’s my everyday cleaning routine. Written out like that it looks like a lot but it isn’t. It’s things that slot in easy and lots of multi-tasking so you really can slot these basic tasks into even the most busy of lifestyles.