Mua Undress Your Skin Foundation Review

Mua Undress Your Skin Foundation Review

Last year I heard on the grapevine that budget beauty brand MUA had a really fab foundation for a fiver, so when I finished up the foundations in my drawer I hopped to my nearest Superdrug to pick up a tube of MUA’s Undress Your Skin.


What the packaging says:

“Undress Your Skin
Cover imperfections and blemishes whilst maintaining your skins natural glow with light-diffusing particles of shimmer that creates instant radiance.”

What I say:

When you open this tube of foundation BE CAREFUL. The tube is very “squishy” and the product very liquid, so as a result the product is prone to a rather dramatic eruption upon uncapping even without a hint of squeeze. But aaaanyway, when I first tried this on the back of my hand I was quite excited because this was a pale foundation (in the shade Porcelain) at a good price. Whilst this is still a tad too dark for my skin, it’s workable and I don’t have to pay a premium for it like I do most pale shades.

Here is the deal with this foundation, I swing between loving it and absolutely hating it. I find it a bit of a nightmare to apply – I’ve tried fingers, brushes, sponges and I’ve even considered allowing my dog to lick it on – it’s hard to apply it (to my skin at least) without taking a lot of time, care and attention to make sure it is blended. And even then sometimes it just doesn’t look great.

But there’s a trick which means you don’t have to wash your face and start again. There’s a trick which means it looks good. Apply with your fingers and almost blot/buff/stipple in with a beauty blender (cheapo peepo dupe here 2 for £4.95 ) then leave it for an hour. For the first hour my face looks like a cakey mess to the point where I asked my friend if she thought it was cakey and she replied ‘Er did you use a lot of powder or something?’ After an hour or so my skin looks really good. The natural oils in my skin must eventually balance with the product because my skin, especially my cheeks look radiant and healthy.

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But really? Who has an hour between applying their foundation to just sit around and twiddle their thumbs? This could be really good if you apply in the morning then hop in the car for a long commute or if you like to apply your foundation for a night out then sit about having a glass of wine or two with your friends before nipping into town.

One plus point is this foundation has great staying power even without a powder – it lasts nicely for around 5 hours before I feel the need to powder my t-zone and after that I feel it lasts another 2-3 hours.

I’d give this 2.5 stars out of 5. If the foundation sat well on my skin instantly I’d bump it up a couple of stars but as it is it’s bit of a pain. However the results upon waiting for an hour are as good I’ve previously had from the likes of Nars Sheer Glow (it’s not a dupe) which is one my favourite foundations for illuminating and subtly covering up break outs. Would I buy it again? Do you know, I think I would. There has to be an easier way to apply it and actually I’d buy it again purely based on how it makes my skin look once I allow it to settle in.